Surprising uses of cucumber

Originally from India and known to humanity at least three thousand years ago, cucumber is one of the freshest and most nutritious foods on the planet, being frequently used for the preparation of salads, soups and even refreshing juices.

Cucumber is also frequently used in cosmetology, where it is used as a skin moisturizer, due to its large amount of water, which can make up ninety-seven percent of its composition. It is also used in naturopathic medicine as a diuretic and depurative, in order to treat some pictures of cystitis or urinary tract infections.

However, this vegetable – although for some it is also considered a fruit – has several other uses, which would leave more than one stunned, not only because of its versatility, but because of how incredible they can be, especially when you think about the dozens of times you think you needed an element that would help you in a certain situation, not knowing that what you needed was right in your fridge.

In this way, on this occasion, we offer some of the amazing uses that can be given to cucumber, as a domestic work assistant. Then surprising uses of cucumber:

Ink Eraser

If you are one of those who always make a mistake writing a letter regret the unsightly stains of concealer, then cucumber is the right fruit (or vegetable) for you.

Even if you’re hard to believe it – as stated by some internet portals – the cucumber shell has the property of erasing the pen ink, for which you only need to rub the cucumber without peeling on the word you need to remove, seeing the instant as the ink yields to the skin of this food.

Likewise, you can use this technique in the stripes left by the little ones of the house on some wall or furniture. This way you’ll be saving yourself a good amount of money.

Like bitumen

You can also use the cucumber to stop spending on shoe cream, or even to avoid being worried all the time because you’re out or not you get it half an hour before an important meeting.

Yes as you hear, if it is to polish and shine the shoes, cucumber is your solution, because the chemical components with which this fruit has will provide your shoes a shining and lasting shine, as if they have just been treated by the best bolero of the city give it a hit. It will also provide your shoes with a protective layer that will help the water slip through them without staining them.

To take advantage of all these wonderful properties, you’ll only need to cut a cucumber in half, and pass the inside through the shoe, to start to see how glitter comes out of your skin, so as with bitumen – this technique will only work with the shoes of skin – synthetic or true – with smooth surfaces.

As a relaxing

Likewise, if you are at home on the eve of an event that generates a lot of stress, or if you have young children and are trying to get them to relax or sleep, cucumber is an excellent ally. For this it is recommended that you take a cucumber, cut it into pieces and place it in water, then bring it to the fire and let it cook for at least thirty minutes.

According to the specialists in the properties of this vegetable, the heat of the water will activate certain compounds of the cucumber that will spread through the air of your home, bringing to your home an atmosphere of relaxation, beneficial for all.

To clean up metal surfaces

Another of the incredible uses that this fruit has is to provide the metal surfaces with which it comes into contact with great brightness, also offering you a fairly ecological way to clean your kitchen and its metallic elements.

To use it for this purpose, simply cut the cucumber into small slices, which you simply have to rub against the surface of your kitchen, or from that metal object you want to polish.

You will immediately see the cucumber components come into action, giving your kitchen or elements the cleanliness, shine and aroma you so desperately wanted.

Hinged lubricant

So also if you are tired of the doors of your house – both the entrance and the kitchen cabinets – squeal all the time, we tell you that instead of going to the nearest hardware store to buy specialized oil for these cases, it can save you that money because the best ally to lubricate the hinges of your doors is right in your fridge: cucumber.

You will only need to cut in half a cucumber and rub the inner part the hinge, allowing the juice of this vegetable to penetrate the center of it, so that the chemical compounds of the cucumber act lubricating them and eliminating that annoying sound.

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Surprising uses of cucumber
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September 11, 2019

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