Surprising uses of Vicks Vaporud

In the pharmaceutical world, Vicks Vaporud is known as A Menthol, Canferol and Eucalyptus, marketed since 1885 by the company Procter & Gamble, with the purpose of helping in the treatment of influenza and cough painting.

However, as some articles on the web outline, the extraordinary uses of this product are not only limited to serving as nasal or pulmonary decongestant, but can also be used to alleviate other ailments, as well as to assist in certain tasks that will surprise more than one person.

However, before beginning use, be absolutely sure that there is no allergic reaction or sensitivity to the components that make up it. Similarly, it is not for any reason to replace with the use of this product any treatment indicated by the doctor.

Having clarified this point, we will then proceed to present a list of some of the surprising uses that can be given to the Vicks Vaporud:

To relieve coughing

As everyone knows, for decades moms have been used to rubbing their children’s breasts with this product to counteract the symptoms of colds.

However, Vicks Vaporud is extremely effective at also combating cough paintings, especially the one that has the greatest incidence at night. To use it for this purpose it is recommended to apply it on the feet, and cover these with stockings, before sleeping. According to experts, this will significantly reduce cough access.

To relieve headaches

If on the contrary the condition that affects you is a headache, we tell you that beyond recommending taking some painkiller, a good solution is to take some Vicks Vaporud with the tip of your index and middle finger, and rub with this product your sienes redondo. In a short time you will see how the pain is significantly reduced.

To relieve muscle aches

Another medicinal use you can give to this menthol product is to use it as an ointment on areas of the body where you feel any tension or muscle pain. According to some experts, the menthol contained in this product will transmit an important source of heat to the muscle causing it to relax, and therefore the pain and tension recede a little.

To deal with bruises and goals

If in addition to muscle pain, we also have a purple on our skin, product of some blow, this product is ideal to help them disappear it. To treat them mix a little of this product with sea salt, and apply it on the bruise to be treated, you will see that in a short time it begins to dissipate.

To prevent slit or scratch infections

Likewise, if you suffer any cuts or scrapes, according to some internet advice portals, you should wash the wound with oxygenated water very well, and then place some of this product on the skin lesion so that it doesn´t run the risk of becoming infected. Also that keeping it clean helps it heal quickly.

Against Athlete’s Foot and Nail Fungus

Also another of the surprising uses of The Vicks Vaporud and that you never imagined is to be one of the most efficient elements to treat foot fungi like the unpleasant Athlete’s Foot, for this is enough to apply twice a day this product on the l according to some experts the Athlete’s Foot will disappear in a short time.

It is also extremely useful in the treatment of fungus on the toenails, to treat it it is necessary to place some of this product on the affected nail every day. Over time you will see the nail turn dark, indicating that the fungus is actually dying. After a while you will see the good nail start to grow again.

As a mosquito repellent

Likewise, Vicks Vaporud can be useful in other areas such as avoiding unpleasant mosquito bites, which can also be transmitters of serious diseases such as Dengue.

To use it for this purpose, you only have to rub it on your body before going out to an open area or lying down to sleep in a room where this type of insects are common. In this way the smell of menthol of this product will scare away these insects, without being able to bite you.

So that cats let them scratch

Another of the surprising uses presented by this product is the property it has to help the cat stop scratching the surfaces of our furniture, laying or curtains. For this just place some of this product on the object that we want to protect from the nails of these animals. As stated by the experts, felines hate the smell of menthol in a way, which makes this product a great ally for cats to stay away from our possessions.

To prevent the dog from urinating in the house

In the same sense, the Vicks Vaporud can help us with the dogs in the house, in order to teach them where to urinate. In this sense some internet portals advise placing a bottle of this uncovered product right on the site where we would like the pet to do its needs. Apparently, this method is extremely effective, as it causes the pet to urinate in the right place.

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Surprising uses of Vicks Vaporud
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September 18, 2019

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