Tennis essay

The name of tennis is originally from the English ‘tennis’, whose etymology comes from the French ‘tenez’, which means ‘there it goes’. Because of that expression that a player of the sport emits when it comes to throwing.

An elite sport

It is a sport practiced with an element called a racket, in a rectangular shaped court, divided in half by a net. It is played individually or in pairs and the idea is to hit the ball with the racket, throwing it at the other half of the net, where the other player is located, so that it bounces and with the intention that the latter, can not respond to the shot and return it properly.

Of French origin

This game started in France, at the end of the seventeenth century and at first, no rackets were used, but the ball was thrown with the hand. Generally, as it expanded into the various English-speaking countries, it was typical of the higher classes. For the first time, the world met him at the Athens Olympics in 1896.


The service: it all starts with the take-out of one of the participants, from somewhere in the network. The way to throw the ball is to hit it with the racket, so that it bounces inside the diagonal frame, crosswise.

If, when you take out, you fail, you are entitled to another chance. Similarly, if when serving, you get to touch the net and then move on to the opponent’s due frame, the serve, considered “net”, must be repeated.

Already after the kick, the participants on both sides will have to pass the ball from one side to the other, but with the intention that the opposite cannot respond with their racket to a first bounce, because if the ball bounces twice on the same side , there is a point for the adversary.

A game consists of four points and one set, for six games. The match’s victory is achieved by winning two sets, best-of-three, in ATP World Tour tournaments. At the Grand Slam, with three, best of five.

Court measurements

It must be rectangular, measuring 23.77 meters or 77.99 feet long, by 8.23 meters or 27 feet of acho. This, as long as it is courts for single matches; that is, of one person on the side and side. But in the multiples, the measurements change only in width, at 10.97 meters or 35.99 feet.

The “background” lines are those that limit the ends of the court and the “side” ones, which respect the sides. On the side and side of the mesh and also parallel to it, two lines must be drawn between the sides, 6.40 meters away from the network. These inner lines are called “serve lines”.

Similarly, “service boxes”, which is a center divider line, should be marked, which splits into two segments equal to the playing field.

The central line of the kick and the center mark must be about 5 centimeters wide. The other lines of the court, have dimensions of 2.5 and 5 centimeters wide, except the baselines, which can be drawn up to 10 centimeters wide.  Another peculiarity is that all lines must be the same color.

Tennis essay
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