The 10 best songs in classical music

Classical music, for its variety and beauty, is almost impossible to define its best themes. But in this video, we will give you the ten most sublime works, according to the melomaniacs.

  1. Undoubtedly, the one that could top the list is Ludwing Van Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. It is the last symphony of this great master of music in the history of humanity and has come to mark the greatest significance for the sublimity it expresses.
  2. At once we have Wolfang Amadeus Mozart’s Requiem or Mass of the Dead, another great master of music like no other, and in this work of his authorship, the most exciting and elevated of music is appreciated. And it is not for less, for he composed it while he was dying, therefore he never physically heard it; everything arose from his powerful creative imagination and dictated it to his disciple. He died with the incomplete play, but with an incredible legacy for the whole world.
  3. As a third alternative to the ten best songs in classical music, we find Richard Wagner’s Parsifal. Both its introduction and the development of the content of the work, and its ending, are extremely moving and ecsisant.
  4. And not because it goes in the fourth place, but because it is one of the best, the Passion according to St. John and also According to St. Matthew, by Johan Sebastian Bach, must be too highlighted in the main works of the whole of humanity.
  5. Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons also top the list. Spring, Autumn, Winter and Summer exalt the beauty of nature, artistically and devotionally embodied in music.
  6. We cannot leave friederich Chopin’s Nights out, magnificent works performed on piano with an indescribable delicacy.
  7. Another great theme of this select musical genre is Gluck’s Orfeo and Euridice. A mythological story of ancient Greece and a true drama of love and spirituality, very in the style of the Divine Comedy.
  8. And speaking of the Divine Comedy, this is precisely another high work of classical music, composed by Franz Liszt, who also created melodious jewels such as The Faust and many others.
  9. A more contemporary work, but also part of the most important classical compositions, is Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake.
  10. And to finalize the list, we must evoke again the master Ludwing Van Beethoven, with his Choral Fantasy, very in the style of the Ninth Symphony, with heavenly choirs that leave the sensitive viewer speechless.

Obviously, everyone has a different taste and as well as in food or any other matter, in the musical question also vary perspectives and visions. What we can say emphatically, is that the works and composers mentioned in this article, have been acclaimed by the greatest experts and music lovers, such as Beethoven, Mozart, Wagner, Chopin, Bach. 

Many other great feats are even at the same level as this list, so it has been a tough choice.

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Video version: The 10 best songs of the music

The 10 best songs in classical music
Source: Education  
July 14, 2019

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