The Book of the Dead of the Egyptians

The “book of the dead” is one of the most enigmatic and mysterious texts to be reported. It is an interesting funerary text that Egyptian culture used as a guide, to understand a little more than is expected after death. It was intended to help and guide the dead through the lands of the underworld or “duat”.

Millennial Scriptures

It is important to know that it was a very long book, so much so that a papyrus reached extensions up to 40 meters in length, in which there were rites and procedures to bury the deceased.

We would think that there would only be one edition of the book, but many of them have been found in the sarcophages of the late inhabitants of Ancient Egypt.

That is, it was a book of vital importance in burying the dead, for according to their beliefs, this book would guide them to overcome Osiris’ judgment and lead them down the path of the underworld, all the way to paradise. If the deceased didn´t know this book, or if his instructions were not fulfilled, he could die a second time. It means, the loss of his soul.

There are references that say that the book was quite expensive; that is why the cream and cream of Egyptian society bought them easily and in most graves of these elites, there was always the book of death.

But the peasants of the region, knowing the great help of the book for their dead, did their best to buy it. So we can infer that the great fortune of Egyptian priests, is also due, by the sale of these articles, spreading the concept to all Egyptians of the terrible misfortunes of the dead, as they aren´t buried with them.

The Book of the Dead of the Egyptians
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July 28, 2019

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