The dark part of the system

Being born in a country where injustice, hunger, poverty, violence, degeneration and destruction reigns, highlights an inevitable reality for anyone. But just as there are some who have not experienced the lowest of a system that has proven to favor a few, at the expense of the suffering of many, also find those who suffer it as an ordeal, day after day.

Julio Ramón can’t even be nice to Julio Ramón anymore

This seems to be the case for Julio Ramón Morales, who suffers the hardest of what we call society; forgotten and abandoned by a Homeland, by a people, by a family, by a state, “but never by God,” he says, with deep pain reflected in his eyes.

Many have the fortune of a home, a hot bed, a plate of food, the affection of loved ones, but we ignore the real drama of a hell that is going on in the streets and in the souls of hundreds of thousands.

Julio Ramón was born with epilepsy, a disease that causes his shuddering scrambles, in any street of Duitama, in which he hits hard with the floor, bites, cuts when he falls on glass, as happened to him a few days ago; hallucination and convulsion, similar to a possessed of some exorcism film.

He was born in Duitama on August 26, 1954. From a very young age they abandoned him and his house is located in the streets, in the hard, cold and carrasposous pavement of the walkways. “I lasted for like 20 years, inside a miserable tent, on a sidewalk that is about 25 minutes by car and about 3 hours on foot, because of my physical situation. But four months ago, my sticks and my stuff were burned and kicked off the grounds, now I sleep here on the street,” he said.

To get to that rural area where he lived, which he did not specify, he had to wait for a truck at 1:00 in the morning, which he would load it in the back as if it were cattle, because Julio getting into a moving car immediately begins to convulse. That way he returned daily to the three sticks with a plastic on it, his only refuge until recently.

In order to eat something, you must resort to begging and the fate of someone standing in solidarity. Julio Ramon asks people, more than food, every day for money so he can buy a medicine that helps him suffer fewer epileptic seizures.

Unfortunately, over the years with this terrible disease, another evil arose in this guy’s body: Parkinson’s disease.  So, this has given him a drunken look, since he can’t control his movements easily. He staggers from side to side and when asking for money some citizens think he is a drunk.

“When I fall into one of my attacks, at night, some gamins steal from me the money I’ve managed to gather from the pastas. It’s a lottery to get the money together, hard like two weeks or more. Drugs cost 70,000 pesos, the box,” he says.

If Julio had the money, for which we give to life, he would not spend whole hours, plunged into pain and hopelessness. He wouldn’t be forced to beg for a piece of bread or a coin. But it is not only the pain caused by his physical problems with all that includes, but the wound in the soul of knowing that no one cares and that at any moment, he will die like any “street dog”, without house or owner.

The only thing that could change the situation of this Colombian fallen in the most suitable misfortune would be the solidarity of a country, whose educational system teaches from a young age to be proud of Colombia.  could they take pride in a country, where instead of giving them something, it takes away them with taxes and the iciest indifference? Where are the politicians who a few months ago promised to help the people?

But obviously, the most likely thing is for this man plunged into absolute misery, end his days with the sins of having had to live in a civilization of cold people, for the most part, governed by the corruption of capitalism and communism that are two arms d the same evil.

The life of Julio Ramón Morales exemplifies the other side of today’s capitalist system. It isn’t  secret to anyone, that wealth is few, and that unemployment, hunger, crime, deaths, etc. increase every day. All this, caused and motivated by the fixed idea that was implanted in our heads from the moment of birth, and consists in believing that we were born to dedicate our existence to gather riches and banknotes, because otherwise, if we do not get money, we do not eat, we do not sleep , we don’t study, we don’t live. This is the dark part of the system.

The dark part of the system
Source: Education  
June 30, 2019

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