The deception of ‘development’

Throughout the history of this social system implemented by Europe in America, very serious crimes have been committed against nature and the population itself; their intellectual authors make up everything with the word: “development.”


“All for progress and development.”  With this phrase they convince a naive people and flooded with alcohol and absurd beliefs, that natural resources such as water, flora and fauna must be sacrificed, in order to modernize ourselves.

This is how various mining negotiators, for several years, have delved deeper and deeper into boyacá’s department, extracting coal on the moors, felling the native forests, breaking the mountains, in short, ravaging what they find of nature.

Just look towards the mountain where the tocogua sidewalk is located in the municipality of Duitama, Colombia. There, a mine of the company ARGOS, called ‘San Antonio’, currently operates, in a place where once beautiful and opulent cisterns, even hot springs, from which there is not even the trace. Now it is a desert with an erosion that allows to glimpse an ecological disaster of great proportions. Taking a full tour of this area, only a completely hollow mountain is observed, because of the explosions they use to drill.

The oldest inhabitants of that sidewalk and some citizens of yesteryear, recount that this mountain was one of the most beautiful and important natural resources for this whole region, with births of crystal clear and abundant water, from where even the Municipality. Carmenza Sánchez, born in Duitama in 1935, says that “this sector had some quite attractive water sources that caught the attention and visit of many people, but when I was about 10 years old, everything changed forever.”

The cement exploitation in this area has been carried out for more than 60 years. First it started with Paz del Río, then Holcim and now Argos, a company that at this time exploits recebo and material for Paz del Río.


It is no secret to anyone that one of the greatest water sources is the moors. What is unknown is the situation facing our paramo-Sugar Loaf – Russia. From there much of the city’s water, Empoduitama and the veredal aqueducts, is filled, but the mining sector accompanied by convenient politicians have tried by all means to appropriate and exploit these nature reserves.

For example, Ingeominas in the National Mining Registry, grants the concession contract GGR-141 dated November 03, 2009 for the exploitation of coal in an area located on the sidewalks of San Antonio Norte, Pradera and San Antonio Sur, with which the process to give compliance with the exploration and subsequent exploitation phases on our lands. In addition, Corpoboyacá according to Auto 2069 dated September 23, 2010, accepts the application for an environmental license for that contract. It would be worth reflecting deeply in Corpoboyacá: its origins, its objectives, its actions and its relationships.

Most of the water from the moors is filtered and flowed underground, so the result of the combination of valuable liquid with the chemicals and explosives used in coal farming should also be carefully analyzed.


The masses of people have believed that the famous and touted “Child Phenomenon” is the cause of the terrible shortages of water that is beginning to be lived. But the reality is that the oil companies are completely exhausting it.

Not enough on the “gifts and royalties” of coalmen, cementmakers and other mining sectors, they have now welcomed the biggest killers in the ecosystem with open arms: oil companies. The nearest case, blunt and high-gravity is that of the municipality of Corrales.

For a considerable time, they have been carrying out arduous tasks of exploration and exploitation of oil in this region, by the multinational ‘OMEGA ENERGY’. Obviously, the nefarious results have not been long in coming: terrible gas leaks that threaten the safety of the inhabitants and the fauna, but the most frightening thing: the excessive consumption of water, which is scarce in all of Boyacá.

This multinational has two wells that produce more than 1,100 barrels of oil, for which they must use underground explosions that logically destabilizes the environment in general and causes disastrous consequences in our standard of living, especially health.

The political leaders in their campaigns always promise to face the natural devastation caused by mining, especially fracking. However, they are only promises to obtain votes, since for the great economic benefits they receive from these large multinationals, they must authorize all necessary exploitation.

Unfortunately, the Amazon River is suffering badly because of this excessive exploitation, as well as all the South American water resources.

So, we could ask ourselves to conclude: what is the reality of the lack of water? Are you favoring a few interests at the expense of an entire community? Do we want water or development?

The deception of ‘development’
Source: Education  
June 30, 2019

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