The energy centers of the human body

It is more than necessary and priority to know everything about the seven energy centers that our physical bodies possess. It’s not about the chakras, because they are the energy centers of the soul.

The energy imbalance of most humans

There are several possibilities that we have to develop them, put them in balance and start enjoying the formidable advantages of having regenerated them. But first and foremost, the first thing to know is that we have seven centers located along the spine. Each of them performs a specific function, handles a certain energy and is in terrible conditions for some specific types of psychological defects.

This is an indispensable theme in the study and practice of a lover of Wisdom and Hidden Mystical Sciences. And the reason for this assertion is that the seven centers are seven energy processors and by ignoring all this, we expend energy uselessly and it is the alchemical material, the source of power, life itself, the Spirit himself.

We need to learn how to save energy and it is feasible if we understand this issue of the balance of the centres.  We are talking about a practice that must be executed instantly, from moment to moment, because second by second we are spending valuable energy.

First center: SEXUAL. Located in the Coxis, first vertebra of the spine. There the Sexual Energy is processed, whose function is Create. Either create sons of flesh and blood, or create psychic demons that sleep our Consciousness even more and send us quickly to death and to hell.

Every sperm is a Being. Only one is enough to form a child. But at ejaccular about 400 million zoosperisms are expelled, and each will create and fortify the animal ego that is the whole of those millions of wrong ways to be. But equally, this creative power can give life and manufacture the Existential Bodies of Being, with which we can live and reign in other parallel worlds. The famous heavens and for this it is obligatory never to fornicate. This center processes the defects of laziness and is closely related to the sense of touch.

Second Center: INSTINTIVE. This one is located at the height of the Sacred Bone. Apprehending is your correct function. The wrong is to covetly desire and mechanical instintive reactions.  There is a difference between Apprehending and learning. The first is of Consciousness; the second, the ego.

The energy of this center is vital and is related to the sense of taste. Greed and its details coexist in this center taking it all the time out of its precious treasure, mainly affecting the health of the physical body, the development of cells and all the natural processes of the body. That’s where diseases come from.

Third Center: LOWER EMOTIONAL. In the solar plexus, or more precisely in the navel, this center is located. Its objective function is To Feel. But there are two kinds of emotions: those of Consciousness and those of ego. Those of the Spirit or Consciousness are, for example, those experienced in shamadic, mystical, and devotional trances. Listening to classical music by composers such as Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Wagner, etc. By selflessly serving some other Being. The Satisfaction of Being Alive and Loving. The joy of nature.

On the contrary, bulls, gossip, modern music, despair, eagerness, stress, novels, etc., are totally negative emotions and unbalance this center, causing the precious loss of Emotional energy, which has quite a few hidden powers. Lust and his children have him mastered. Smell is the meaning that is processed there.

Fourth Center: INSTILOCY. It is located at the height of the heart. Its concrete function is to think, whether it is plans, projects, fantasies, readings, analysis, projections, etc. They say that the origin of the works is in thoughts. Thoughts are totally creative, since each center is essentially working with Sexual Energy, but focused according to its function. With our relentless internal dialogue we exhaust him quickly. The energy that runs out is the Mental and Pride with its legions dominate it. Related to the sense of hearing.

Fifth Center: MOTOR. This is where movement and locomotion are gedened. The power to speak lies here. It is located at the height of the larynx on the spine. We unbalanced it with our insubstantial chatter and chatter. Misusing the verb. The power of the Word is exceedingly Creator and Divine. Words are Sacred, therefore, to balance this center we must polish the Word.

Anger and its thousands of tiny manifestations deplete him incessantly. The sense that drives is the view.

Sixth Center: TOP EMOTIONAL. These last two centers, located in the head, in the blax and crown, pituitary and pineal glands, are the mystical centers of Consciousness, but are unusable because the lower five are in complete imbalance. This upper center has the function of Auto Trial and Self-Observation. That’s why its meaning is the Clairvoyance or third eye. The legions of gluttony and excess leave it useless.

Seventh Center: SUPERIOR INTELLECTUAL. In the middle of the Pineal Glands is located. His role is to know, to find Wisdom. His Energy is the highest, that of the Pure Spirit, and the defect of the Envy immediately disconnects him.

In these essays, you will find in detail how to balance each of the centers of the human machine and thus develop surprising and unimaginable spiritual powers and faculties. The main thing is to self-observe each center and deny itself, in relation to all those defects described in each center. That way, you will save the Energy and great wonders can be achieved with it.

The energy centers of the human body
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June 30, 2019

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