The filenomy

Below you can find a clear meaning of this term. On the Internet, it has often been misspelled. The word bears an accent on the last “í” and is usually written “filenomy.

Definition of filenomy

The archive belongs to one of the branches of archival science, and it is a particular methodology of preserving documents and archives, characterized by taking care of the proper constitution of the administrative file and the comfortable use, in addition to guarantee your route.

The branch of Archivistics, called archivonomy, focuses precisely on the work of sorting, cataloguing, inventorying, relating, and identifying serial documents.

Likewise, one can clearly appreciate the work that the archive performs in the formation and constitution of the identity of a people, region or nation, processing, agency, ordering and preserving the organic sets of documents in the form of archives, such as films, texts, photographs, cartography, paintings, etc.

In fact, this term has not been legally accepted by the Royal Spanish Academy and is used in most countries as “Archive or Archivistic” and is known emphatically, as the theory and practice of the process of preservation and storage of files or files, with the aim of making those documents preserved over time and can always be available to inquiries.

The filenomy
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July 28, 2019

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