The human personality

In this post, you will find everything related to the human personality and its development.

Mental programming from zero to seven years of age, onwards

The study of personality is extremely scorned and omitted by the people of the common. Even with a particular personality, no one realizes the deep and epistemological characteristics of it.

It is manufactured from zero to the first seven years of existence. It is the energy vehicle of psychological aggregates. For the rest of his life, he’s getting well- Since we have 108 physical bodies that are the material vehicles of our soul, we have 108 different personalities. Each existence has a new body and a new personality. Which indicates that they both die 108 times.

Therefore, the personality is ephemeral, passing, superficial, intrascental. A true illusion that appears and disappears in time. But we do it to her and we’ll see why. It is constituted by all the self that we carry within us, who were adhered to by the process of imitation and fascination of the people and things of the world.

In reality our person is the byproduct of all the actors of the films, novels and television shows that we have seen, in addition to all the ways of being of the people with which we have interrelated in existence. So at any given moment we turn out to be speaking as our dad, or as a friend, or as the neighbor, or as the protagonist of such a film.

Personality keeps us hypnotized because it was programmed by the social system and all its ramifications:

Study, employment, profession, family, education, fashions, sports, showman, standards, laws, money, fame, prestige, habits, stratum, customs, idiosyncrasies, religions, geographical position.

Personality Rating

Active: it remains satisfying the ego, pleasing each of the animal desires. Live reacting and waiting for results.

Passive: serves as an instrument of Being, of the Consciousness of the Spirit.

Each self has its own personality, so we have many personalities or ways of being. Each is a mask to hide from us from others, what we really are. For example hypocrisy. We speak kindly to an X person, we smile at him with a grimace imitating the smile, we use diplomatic words, but inside we hate her, we dislike her, we can’t stand her. However, we have an ego mask on.

Anyone would confuse having a good personality, being conscious. Another great example of how personality works in us in relation to masking and hiding psychological defects, is with lust. Personality is that secretary of the mind who tells us what is right for the yos and what doesn’t.

So, suppose a me wants to fornicate with a lady. He invents a series of excuses to date her; He invites her to the movies, to dinner, he brings her roses, brings her, takes her and a thousand other things like that. All those gentlemanly acts, apparently, are actually the disguise or personality of lust and its aggregates that are controlling us to make their own and steal our energy.

The human personality
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July 28, 2019

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