The Hummingbird Butterfly

A beautiful and enigmatic insect that appears to be butterfly and at the same time hummingbird is a rare species called Macroglossum stellatarum and belongs to the Family of Sphinxes whose main characteristic is that they have a rather large body with respect to their head, in addition to this has a long proboscis i.e. the tube through which they reach the nectar of the flowers without perching on them, in mid-flight they belong to the group of night butterflies but only fly by day.

A beautiful creation of nature

The beginning of its creation begins when it is just an oval-shaped egg and a millimeter in diameter. Pale green very bright and where you will live 8 days before seeing the sunlight.

When it becomes a larva, it adopts a yellowish color, but over the days, the tone becomes greenish and even purple; after 20 days, he decides to leave the cocoon, but with a fully transformed body: thick and with wings 45 mm long.

It shares many similarities with the hummingbird, as it performs 73 to 85 movements with its wings, for every second carried out and of course, they are imperceptible to normal human eyes; the other butterflies only make 13 swirling, for every second.

The female of this species can lay 200 eggs on different plants. The wings on the front are brown and decorated with lines with black punctures. the back wings, orange. Its abdominal cavity is black and white and its tail is very similar to that of a bird.

It feeds by sucking flowers, very hummingbird style, stretching its long trunk and tongue, serving nature as a great pollinator, especially plants like the Madreselva, between them having narrow and long tubes.

This beautiful species does not survive in cold climates so in Antarctica there is not a single specimen of this species. They can come to a life close to five months and are therefore one of the longest-lasting butterflies on the planet.  Another beautiful creation of nature in all its splendor.

The Hummingbird Butterfly
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