The kitchen is the heart of the house

In this post, you will find a kind of architectural proposal, based on the creativity and innovation that bring this art and science to life. The best creations and discoveries of life, have been achieved by experimenting. That is precisely what we are trying to exhort in this article.

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Cooking is fundamental in people’s lives, but it is one of those things that goes unnoticed or contingent on majorities, unaware of all the implications that it has on each individual. It’s that the place where daily food is prepared obviously deserves special attention.

There are “truths” in the Academy of Architecture, which could not be stopped venerating; one is the one that states “that in Architecture, The Function always precedes the Form”. Many of the architects when designing, they always tie the name to the shape of the lot and accordingly the design is born.

I have decided to go a little further, think more about space than for me and for more than one reader is the kitchen, because there the woman spends most of her time and many of us as architects do not take into account when designing.

That idea of cooking physically isolated from the rest of spaces and intended only for food preparation, for me remained in the past. Today’s cuisine must be one of the most important environments within the house, as it is a place of family and social meeting. Also, from the architectural point of view this space plays a prominent role and has therefore been integrated into the rest of the house.

Now from a professional point of view, the kitchen is given greater importance by providing it with a larger area, better light inputs; and making this open area easily accessible, with a wider view. This evolved concept has made it an informal and warm place that invites you to share, as well as to experience a new relationship with the home environment. Hence, aesthetics and functionality have become entrenched as the pillars in the conception of modern cuisine.

With an avant-garde style, many kitchen proposals break with traditional canons by introducing varied color gamuts and riskier designs. For those who like to innovate and not fear being dare to do so, there are multiple models that will meet your expectations. Of course, those who disenchant with the most classic alternatives also have many options to choose from.

In terms of functionality, contemporary kitchens live equipped with modules of multiple and versatile services, very useful to give an adequate accommodation to the items used here.

In addition, manufacturers have taken special care in choosing high quality, durable, durable and easy-to-clean materials (such as melanin and polymer); as in the correct distribution of furniture and accessories, to provide maximum efficiency to users, simplifying the movement within the place.

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The kitchen is the heart of the house
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July 28, 2019

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