The most representative characters of Islam

Obviously, the main representative of Islam is the venerable Prophet Muhammad. His Arabic name is Muhammad. After the Grand Master died, his family took over the rule of Islam, whose new way of legislating was through a Caliph, the highest leader.

A mystical culture

But the Islamic people were quite divided and consequently, with several caliphs claiming to be the chosen ones of Muhammad.

When he was born he experienced poverty and the absence of parents in his own flesh; grew up with his grandfather and uncle. When he was 25, he married an opulent widow named Hadiya, who had several years ahead of him and had hired him as a servant. They had six children: two males and four females, the most famous of whom was their daughter Fatima.

When he reached the age of 30, he began to experience an immense spiritual yearning for ascetic athing and that led him to live in a cave on the peripheries of his city, where he discovers that he is possessed by demonic spirits and experiences various mystical visions. After overcoming himself, or the inner demons, he is completely fused with God.

Around the year 613 he began with his teachings in Mecca, where he mainly claimed that conscious and voluntary sacrifices and sufferings were the way to save himself and reach the Divinity.


He was one of the leading representatives of this ancestral wisdom of the east of the world. He was a scholar and lover of sciences, being a philosopher, theologian, physicist, expert in Jurisprudence and, by his little time, a doctor.

His most momentous work is “The Healing”, in which he focuses on Aristotle. In fact, he was always a strong follower of the Greek philosopher, Father of Reason. His philosophical postulates are based on austerity and abstinence from the satisfaction of the five carnal senses, such as those considered sensitive souls, contrary to angelic and divine souls.

According to him, the body is animated by the soul and we possess five external senses and five inmates. It transforms and brings serious scientific reflections of the Scholastics, showing evidence of the existence of God, as well as the hylemorphism that clearly distinguishes matter from frorma.


Of Arab origin. He was the one who conquered al-Andalus.  He is another ingrained follower of Aristotle and the Arabs’ best-known characters. A scholar and restless in various branches of Science, such as Philosophy, Medicine, Astronomy, Philology and Law.

Averroes was heard and followed even by Christians, near the Middle Ages. However, one of the main opponents of his ideas was St. Thomas. In what they agree, they speak directly of God as the creator of the Universe and the Divine Force that spins the spheres in eternal space.

Abd Al-Rahman III

Spain is another crucial country in the history of Islam. He proclaimed himself caliph and manifested himself against the Caliphs of the East. It is ice that became part of the most relevant power of the entire Iberian Peninsula.

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The most representative characters of Islam
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July 7, 2019

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