The most translated books in history

Undoubtedly the universal literature is very broad and for this reason it has been necessary to translate several texts to make them affordable for the whole population.

Written works that have been adapted into various languages

The bible occupies the first place since it is the best-selling book worldwide and it is also the one with the most translations, the old testament has been translated into 1330 languages ​​and the new testament has 550 translations this famous book that is sacred to many Religions does not handle an original language because it is a mixture of several languages ​​that include Aramaic lexicon and other almost extinct languages.

Pinocchio the famous tale that tells the story of a wooden doll that comes to life and that mysteriously grows its nose when it tells lies was originally written in Italian by Carlo Collodi in 1883 and has 269 translations into other languages.

Undoubtedly could not miss The Little Prince written by Antonie de Saint Exupéry in 1943 which has been listed as one of the most beautiful and significant books of universal literature and which within its followers includes the children’s and adult audiences alike, was originally written in French but has translations in 255 languages and has been taken to the cinema repeatedly.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland originally written in English by Lewis Carroll in 1865 is a book that is usually read by the adolescent population but is still interesting to adults for its philosophical content and has been translated into 174 languages it also features a famous Disney film adaptation.

Hans Christian Andersen wrote fairy tales a book that was originally published in Danish and which features 153 translations into other languages is a collection of fantastic tales with magical beings that are usually read to children before going to sleep and it also has many film adaptations.

The most translated books in history
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August 14, 2019

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