The parallel dimensions of the universe

First, we should start by explaining what the word dimension means. Following the logic of its etymology, dimension is a measure; but if we assimilate their meaning to spiritual, mystical, magical and occult terms, a dimension is a level of Consciousness.

Other planes in the universe

Millions of levels of Consciousness exist within the inner Universe and it is that very well they say the Universal Laws: “as it is above, it is below”. So what it’s like outside is inside. We have millions of dimensions inside. That is why Jesus said: “The Kingdom of Heaven is within yourselves, here and now.”

Outside, in the outside world in the dense way, we also find them.

Dimension Number One: is the distance between one point and another; that is, a line. This dimension is entirely linear and in it inhabits mono-brained beings (with a single brain, the emotional one), such as bacteria, viruses, certain kinds of worms, etc. Rather, there is the world of beings without spines moving from one point to another flat point. It has been considered as the world of tritocosm or world of atoms.

Dimension Number Two: is the world of the surface. Two measures, two dimensions: long and wide. This corresponds to the offset of a line in space. So in this dimension we find everything with squared measurements, like the square kilometer, square meter, etc. Here live beings with two brains (sexual and emotional intrinsic motor) or bicerrebrados that already have spine like dogs, cats, giraffes, mice, etc. All of them see in two overlapping dimensions.

Analogally, inward, we see that this is the dimension of personality, which is superficial and hollow. An appearance.  It is ruled by 96 laws and in practical occultism it has been referred to as the “limbo” or “hall to hell”.

Dimension Number Three: three dimensions that are: long, wide and deep. It’s the world of volume. Here we find the intellectual animals mistakenly called human beings, which we can perceive in these three measures. Thus we can perceive all objects and animals with their cubic measurements and with the previous two dimensions included.

The advantage over the beings that we inhabit in this third dimension, is that we have a third brain that is the intellectual, with which we can reach the Intimate Self-Realization of Being, unlike any other animal. In other words, we can become beings superior to a human and a conventional animal, to Super Men in every sense of the word.

Another relevant feature in this three-dimensional world, governed by 48 laws, is that in it we have a physical body that is actually a complete and perfect laboratory of cosmic energies, that if we connect another body but of opposite polarity, man and woman sexually united, with proper esoteric and correct procedure, we would achieve the creation of angelic beings, inhabitants of the higher dimensions.

Dimension Number Four: This is the dimension of time. Therefore, in this dimension is perfectly programmed the duration of the physical body and of each of the dense forms of the third dimension. And this is because it is the top of the three-dimensional world, conditioned also by the previous 48 but in a mode superior to matter. It’s tetradimensional.

Here inhabits one of our internal bodies which is the Vital Body, closely linked to the water that constitutes us physically, almost 90% of our body is water. And according to the purity of those waters of the organism, our health and lifespan depends. This is the dimension to which the missing ships and ships are teleported in the Bermuda Triangle. It is the parallel world to which the Maya Wise Men entered and disappeared into the Spanish Conquest.

Dimension Number Five: here we find the past, the present and the future in an eternity, in an eternal here and now. It is the dimension of the astral world or the world of dreams. This dimension enters the soul when the physical body falls asleep. It’s eternity. But in this fifth coordinate we find there are two in one. There’s the Astral World and there’s the Mental World. Each world has a corresponding body: astral body and mental body.

The astral world is governed by 24 laws, half of the physical ones; that’s why gravity doesn’t exist there and we can fly, break through walls, etc. And the mental, by 12 laws, with an atomic nature giving a speed equal to that of light.

Dimension Number Six: from here up we find the highest spiritual dimensions. This sixth dimension contains in itself the Planets where the Christs reside. Conditioned by only 6 Laws and also contained in two dimensions:

Causal: the world of causes is of an electrical nature, made up of the electrons of our atoms. It is closely related to our Word or Words, which are the causes that become effects and are therefore creations that materialize the Causal Body is the human soul and we do not have it. We have to make one.

Humdic: is the sixth upper dimension. Our Humudic Body, which we do have, lives there, also governed by 6 laws, but of a magnetic nature, which corresponds to the protons of our atoms. The cause is our human soul, but the Humdic is our Divine Soul.

Dimension Number Seven: this one is listed as the world of Great Reality. The World of Spirit or Light. Here I show Father, our particular inner God. He is subject to 3 Laws: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Indostantes call it Atman or Atmic Body.  It is the closest dimension to the Absolute and has a photonic nature. This body is also our own and is our Intimate.

The parallel dimensions of the universe
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June 30, 2019

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