The strongest earthquakes in history

Earthquakes belong to the most catastrophic episodes for humans. Official science ensures that it is impossible to predict an earthquake, so horrific deaths occur in an instant, when a ground shake of considerable levels occurs. Within the strongest teluric movements in the world, we find:

Valdivia, Chile May 22, 1960

It’s perhaps the worst earthquake of the last hundred years. The magnitude level was 9.5 degrees on the Richter scale. Due to the strength of the phenomenon, Valdivia was sunk 4 meters in relation to sea level. But if that were not enough, the Puyehue volcano erupted, complementing a tragedy unmatched until then, which left more than two million people affected and thousands dead.

Sumatra, Indonesia December 26, 2004

Its magnitude was 9.3 degrees, so a catastrophic tsunami originated causing 230,000 deaths in Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Maldives Islands, Sri Lanka and Myammar, formerly known as ancient Burma.

Anchorage, Alaska March 28, 1964

The strong teluric movement was able to lift almost 12 meters of ground from the ground, at 521000 km2 throughout North America. Its magnitude was 9.2 degrees Richter. 128 were recorded dead.

Kamchatka Peninsula, 4 November 1952

Located in Russia. It only left 28 dead but the damage caused was quite considerable. The magnitude of 9.7 degrees generated a tsunami with waves of 3.5 meters, which hit the islands of Hawaii, Cocos, Midway, California and Alaska. The damage is estimated to have been valued at $1 million.

Honshu Coast, Japan March 11, 2011

In this case, the terror of the land surprised the Japanese with a 9.1-degree earthquake on the Richter scale, giving a balance of about 15900 dead. So strong was the intensity of the event, that the axis of the planet ran 10 centimeters. But worst of all, with lethal consequences for all of humanity, was that it caused the fukushima nuclear tragedy, a problem that even if it tries to hide, prevails and increases over time.

Conspiracy analysts claim the existence of reliable evidence that the great world powers have high-tech machines, which can cause such tragedies on a large scale and to the magnitude that is preferred.

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The strongest earthquakes in history
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September 18, 2019

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