The True Story of Bluebeard

Children’s literature is one of the most impactful and welcoming genres of all universal literature, and one of its great advantages is that it has an audience not only for children, but youth and adult. And within it, stories are a fundamental part, in which they stand out of all kinds. And one of them is the tale of Bluebeard.

From the same author of Cinderella

This famous fairy tale, written by Charles Perrault, in 1697, has as its main character a ruthless assassin, who hides the bodies of his late ex-wives, in an old attic that is discovered by his last companion and this one, frightened, runs in search of Help. In the end, his brother killed the fearsome Bluebeard, who had a reputation for being widowed several times.

Although it is sometimes unbelievable to believe, this character may have existed in real life and is likely to be inspired by English legends, which attribute this famous story to Conomor, a former medieval ruler of England, married to a woman whose name was Trephine.

Conomor and Trephine are the protagonists of a well-known urban legend in England. In some places in Britain Conomor is regarded as a saint, as he was a martyr as far as marital life is concerned, for he had repeatedly been widowed.

Trephine was supposedly warned by a ghost who lived in the castle where they lived. It was the personality of the last wife who had Conomor and warned her that if she became pregnant, the terrible Conomor would behead her.

Indeed, he beheaded her but miraculously managed to survive and give birth to a son, which he named Tremeur. So Conomor, the real Bluebeard, left descendants. True or not, these stories are fascinating because they unleash a whirlwind of emotions and intrigue in readers.

The True Story of Bluebeard
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July 27, 2019

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