The true story of the twin towers, right or lie?

The true story of the twin towers, according to many, is that it was not a terrorist attack, but that it was all a self-attack with the aim of being able to wage war in Afghanistan and Iraq, take control in those countries and , by the way, to make oil reserves, earn millions of dollars in the war industry and suppress the individual freedoms of American citizens.

They accuse it of being a self-attack

The fact that it was all a self-attack is based on several facts, including:

Everything was demolished, not even a full phone was found, which is unlogical.

The concrete was practically pulverized, which is not typical of a normal collapse.

The fall was exactly vertical, which is ideological, because if the real fire melted the steel, it had to do it more intensely on the side of the impact and therefore the top of the tower would have swayed and fallen to the side, and do not collapse vertically.

Those who were close say they heard several explosions in the fall, boom. Boom. Boom.

Les Robertson, the structural engineer who built the twin towers, stated that they had designed the towers to withstand the impact of a Boing 707, regardless of the impact site.

If a billiard ball had been dropped from the top of the towers, at 110 stories, it would have taken 8 to 10 seconds to make landfall, without any resistance, in free fall. However, the towers also fell at a similar speed, as if the floors had collapsed in freefall, with absolutely no resistance from the lower floors and 200 thousand tons of steel, which is also absurd.

At the time of the collapse, some claim that explosives were detonated, and can be seen in several videos. Official theory says it’s compressed air looking for a way out, the problem is that it looks for the exit before the upper floors reach the lower floors.

Some argue that the angled steel columns and also melted steel were found. However, the official reports did not document any of it. It is believed that termite, a product used in demolition, was used.

Building 7 also collapsed, which was not hit by any aircraft. Official sources claim it was by replicating the impact of the fall of the twin towers and fire; however, it is curious that only building 7 has collapsed, while other buildings around it, older have not suffered any damage. Building 7 also fell vertically, and only as the best in demolition could do so.

It is also important to know that these are the only three buildings that have collapsed by fire, and that no one else has collapsed before or after 9/11, despite suffering fires throughout its structure.

Other witnesses also claim to have felt explosions in the basements, seconds before the aircraft hit.

Other important aspects include the fact that tower insurance was renegotiated a year earlier, including a safe clause for terrorist attacks.

A week earlier, the power supply in both towers was cut off, which nullified the surveillance systems inside. It is presumed that there all the dirty work was done, cutting columns, putting finish and clay pumps.

During this, much of the towers were evicted and important people didn´t attend their work.

As we see, the sum of each of the elements leaves serious doubts that it was an attack. You draw your own conclusions.

The true story of the twin towers, right or lie?
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June 26, 2019

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