The world’s best children’s songs

Children’s songs never go out of style and are an entertainment for children, as well as an indispensable tool for kindergarten and early childhood teachers. Many of them have made a place and become true classics. See:

Las 10 mejores canciones infantiles del mundo

Classics of yesteryear

1. The vowel round. A fun round song for the little ones where, as you learn the song, the vowels are taught in a didactic and fun way.

2. The hot earth snake. The story of a snake that came from hot earth to cold earth, that is smiling, hairless and legless to put on shoes and that has a strange diet of banana with brandy.

3. The Lola Cow. With the simplest lyrics of all children’s songs it is limited to saying: The cow Lola has a head and has a tail and makes mu.

4. Chicks. The infallible song of the chicks with which we all grew up narrates the care of the hen mom to them.

5. An elephant. The story of an elephant swaying on a spider’s web and that as he resisted he’s going to call another elephant, and then the two call a third, and so on indefinitely, as much as he wanted.

6. The dairy cow. It is a private cow that gives meringue milk, that kills flies with the tail and the owner has bought a cowbell.

7. Rice with milk. A song with a lyric may already be a little ahoristic, but it doesn’t stop captivating. It is sung by children quoting the characteristics of the girl they would like to marry.

8. Let’s play in the woods. It is a children’s round with which children play with asking if the wolf is, to which a boy or girl responds some garment that is being put on, to finally go out to eat them all.

9. Cucu cuckoo sang the frog. Mimsma that only does say cuckoo as different characters pass, a lady, a gentleman, a sailor, etc.

10. Pin pon is a doll. The story of a doll that has a cotton body that performs certain activities that highlight the ideal of what children should do, becoming an example to follow.

The world’s best children’s songs
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June 30, 2019

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