The world’s deadliest diseases

Many people torment the mind, thinking about how they are possibly going to die. Without a doubt, we all wish we didn’t have to face any painful, dramatic, let alone agonizing episodes. But various research has claimed that this depends on the life that is taken, because from what is sown, is harvested.

According to the World Health Organization, the following would correspond to the five deadliest diseases of the human:

Cardiovascular diseases

These pathologies are the ones that claim the most lives on the planet, day by day. According to data from calculations of the total number of deaths on the planet, it is clear that 30% of deaths are due to these kinds of afflictions.

In an estimated 8 million people die each year from heart and nervous problems, and those with severe brain conditions average 6 million.

WHO predicted that after 2015, about 21 million, on average annually, of these ills would die.


It’s a terrible disease that seems to overflow uncontrollably. Experts claim that it is mainly caused by negative emotional disorders, such as severe depressions, anger, grudges, false beliefs about one’s health, complex, among other psychological ills.

That is, they now attribute the cause to the mind. In any way, opinions and theories are divided, but there are matching aspects in all and are: obesity, sedentary, smoking, poor diet, water intake unsuitable for consumption, stale air, among others.

The main organs or parts of the body where it develops are: mainly, in feet, skin, stomach, lung or head.


Fortunately, there is now a cure for this deadly pathology that was the case for millions of people in South America, from the year 1800 to the end of the twentieth century. It has been listed as the second disease spread by a deadliest virus on Earth, after AIDS. But even though Official Science has the vaccines and definitive cures them, in 2012 alone, more than one million people died from tb.


Although much has been questioned about the veracity of AIDS or HIV, human immunodeficiency virus, the World Health Organization reports it as the fourth deadliest disease on the planet, since supposedly, every 60 seconds, the virus infects nine people in the world. So is an investigative study of the United Nations HIV Programme.

Yellow Fever

It is spread through mosquito bites. Especially, it has developed in the African continent and in Latin America, where it has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands. At this time the authorities in this area, say that about 25,000 people die a year in Africa, due to yellow fever.

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The world’s deadliest diseases
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September 18, 2019

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