The world’s most venomous spiders

Of all the arthropods, spiders are the best known. And despite their somewhat unpleasant and even threatening appearance, only 1% of them are poisonous. Some of them are:

Eyed Sand Spider (Sicarius)

Its habitat is found in desert areas, such as in the large sands of Africa. Very similar, medium-sized arachnids can be found in South America. It has a flat appearance, so it is associated with a crab. But they don´t attack any human being, for they even fear him; only in case of defense, though its name means: murderous spider. But if it were to do so, it has been proven that its venom is lethal and there is no kind of antidote, until the date discovered.

Recluse or violinist spider (Loxosceles)

The bite of this spider can also cause death, although they do not assault anyone, as long as they are not uncomfortable or attacked. The cephalothorax of this dreaded arachnid is violin-shaped. They are generally found in natural regions of Chile and Argentina.

Black Widow

It belongs to the genus “Latrodectus”, which register 31 accepted species and this is the best known. Her way of reproducing is very violent, because after mating, the female proceeds to eat the male, so she is called a black widow. Its venom is deadly and completely paralyzes the central nervous system, as well as producing in some cases intense erections in men. Fortunately, you do have the antidote.

Atrax robustus

From the Hadronyche family, from Australia. Females are larger than males and reach 8 centimeters. The most aggressive are the males and they love to occupy the garages and pools of Australians, in summer seasons. Its fangs are very large and the ph of its venom is very high, which is why its bite is very painful and the effects very traumatic, such as respiratory problems, alterations in the muscles of the face, vomiting, among others.

Brazilian wandering spider or Armadeira

Like most poisonous and largest spiders in the world, they are found in southern America and the African continent. As the name suggests, this venomous spider is from Brazil and has a size close to five centimeters, but the length of its legs 16 cms.

Of all the spiders, this one is one of the most aggressive and its venom is the deadliest. With only a small dose it kills the life of a rat. It roams everywhere throughout the southern American continent and is listed as the most dangerous spider in the world.

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The world’s most venomous spiders
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September 21, 2019

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