The world’s rarest animals

In the world there are definitely animals of very peculiar physical characteristics that make them true living rarities, creatures not even dreamed of by the best fictional films. Lets See:

Really amazing creatures

The Flying Lizard. It can’t really fly but has been named because of the protruding cartilage in its neck and they serve him to prolong his jumps as well as to maintain body temperature.

The Tarsier. They are small primates characterized by their large eyes. Their diet is basically composed of insects, although they can also consume birds and small snakes.

Aye Aye. This precious animal is found on the island of Madagascar, is nocturnal and has rodent-like teeth and long, thin fingers. Look for his food in the trees.

The Proboscis Monkey. Surely this is the pinocchio of the animal kingdom. Their protruding nose is typical of males and, although it is still discussed what it might be used for, scientists believe it is a sexual attribute that makes them preferred by females.

The Axalolt. This enigmatic creature is the attraction of scientists as it has the property of regenerating its parts. Despite their appearance they are used as pets.

The Uakari. Also called cacajao is a primate whose main peculiarity is that it is bald, reddish skin and short tail that were once hunted by the American Indians.

The star-nosed mole. The reason for its name is visible, inhabits the wet lands, between Canada and the United States and its diet consists of small invertebrates, insects and worms. It also digs tunnels both on land and in water.

Blobfish. This rare gelatinous flesh creature lives in the waters of both Australia and New Zealand. They live about a kilometer below sea level and are rarely seen by humans.

The world’s rarest animals
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July 31, 2019

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