The world’s rarest sperm

In the world there are really strange phenomena, and sperm could not be the exception, such is the case of those who have antibacterial capacity as in the case of blue, or those who move in groups in a coordinated way to reach the goal, or as those who pierce the female’s skin to look for the egg as the case of the torpedo squid.

Genetic rarities

However, nothing beats this. It is the sperm of the ostracids, a type of crustacean found by a group of scientists in Australia, along with their fossilized sperm and themselves who were dated to an approximate age of 17,000.

But the strange thing is not that the sperm was fossilized or its age, but that each sperm is larger than the oysters themselves. These types of animals are very tiny, even much of them are not visible to the naked eye.

Currently it is known of approximately 13 thousand species of oysters, but there is still greater fossilized species that have been described, which roll the figure of 65 thousand. The case described here corresponds to only one of those species that, however, still draws attention and is quite a rarity of the animal world.

If the same thing happened in humans, we would see sperm almost two meters high looking for the woman’s egg. Undoubtedly, a great prodigy of nature.

The world’s rarest sperm
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July 28, 2019

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