The world’s strangest diseases

Various evils and physical sufferings afflict the human being, after his supposed fall from the Garden of Eden. Since then, rare pathologies that arise naturally and so many others, invented by evil secret societies, torture both men, women, as children and even animals. These are some of the strangest diseases in the world.


From the moment of birth, this strange pathology attacks the baby, rapidly turning its appearance into that of an 80-year-old old. That’s why infants with this disease are known as grandparents. His life does not exceed the age of 14, on average.


It is a rare syndrome that generates the considerable increase of some member of the human body. Worldwide, only 199 corroborated cases have been found. Elephantiasis usually attacks the undersides like the sex organs.


Those who suffer from this evil, seem to be taken from a film of aliens, because the color of their skin takes on gray and bluish tones. It happens the same with organs and sometimes only affects some areas of the body and doesn´t complete.

Mabius syndrome

It causes total facial paralysis, to the point where even the eyes cannot move. The person is left in most times, with a face of terrifying appearance. As if that were not enough, all perceptions and sensitivity of sight, smell, taste and other functionalities of the brain are nullified.

Progressive ossifying fibrodysplasia

It is a disease that is transmitted by genetic inheritance and literally converts bones into muscles, including ligaments and tendons.

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The world’s strangest diseases
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September 18, 2019

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