Tips to eliminate a psychological defect in reflection

To fully understand any psychological defect that you want to eliminate, you must deepen the psyche as much as possible of it. The first thing is to find a quiet place, where no one bothers us. Secondly, relax the physical body in a comfortable position. The Inner Being, God, is then asked to assist us and enlighten us. The latter in our own words. Then, start digging into each of the following psychological questions that fit the defect you’ve chosen to work with.

  1. How did this defect begin in my psychology?
  2. How have I been feeding you?
  3. Why am I feeding him?
  4. How am I justifying it?
  5. What sensations are you producing?
  6. Why don’t I want to quit?
  7. Why do I always end up identified?
  8. What consequences are you bringing for others?
  9. How have I stuck to this defect?
  10. Why am I afraid to meditate on it and eliminate it?
  11. What’s your real reason for having him in my psychology?
  12. How do I listen to this defect?
  13. How has it led me to a bad relationship with my partner with others?
  14. What relationship details do I have with lust envy, my pride?
  15. Why do I always end up justifying it?
  16. What details of desire does this defect possess?
  17. Why do I sometimes feel like this defect doesn’t want to die?
  18. What do you think the effects of this defect might be?
  19. What causes will be causing this defect?
  20. What kind of karmas is generating this defect for me?
  21. How does this defect keep me identified?
  22. What harm is it doing to my conscience right now?
  23. How is this defect adulterating the truth to me?
  24. How is this defect causing me to be and others and my partner?
  25. How is it related to fear?
  26. Why is this defect related to stagnation to the astral unfolding process?
  27. Why do I get depressed with this defect?
  28. Why am I going to work it?
  29. Why do I always end up liking it?
  30. How is it related to the process of my non-chastity?
  31. Why should this defect be driving me as hard as i want?
  32. How is this defect generating me or can i be generating pollution?
  33. How long are you waswasting this defect?
  34. What entertainment details does this defect have so as not to let me move forward?
  35. How this defect is related to music to tv. with movies, with the internet?
  36. Why does it hurt to see you in others?
  37. Why do I always end up criticizing others with this flaw?
  38. Why does this defect always end me from winning?
  39. Why is this defect making me a tyrant with others?
  40. Why is this defect leading me to impatience?
  41. Why is this defect leading me to burst?
  42. What details of pleasure can this defect have?
  43. How is this defect related to emotional and sexual mental fornication?
  44. Who always activates this defect for me?
  45. Why do I always lose the battle when I activate it?
  46. When is this defect considered a psychological gym?
  47. What kind of attachment sensations have I seen with this defect?
  48. Why does this defect always have me in pain?
  49. What details of suffering does this defect cause me?
  50. Why do I always leave him half-working?
  51. Is this defect making me incapable?
  52. Why does this defect have me out of consciousness?
  53. How would you relate this defect to betrayal?
  54. This defect has your prototype of man or woman camouflaged to please you?
  55. Why do this defect agree to get in trouble?
  56. What do I understand about this defect?
  57. What good details does this defect have?
  58. What’s wrong with this flaw?
  59. What are your extremes of this defect?
  60. How has this defect led me to vengeance?
  61. Why do I blame others for my defect?
  62. Why didn’t you trust the being to eliminate this defect?
  63. How many times have you sung psychological songs to others with this defect?
  64. Do you think this defect may be taking you out of inner work if you neglect it?
  65. He’s got flaws like “that’s what I can do,” “it’s only a matter of time, when I want I can leave him. That’s easy, will I kill him someday?
  66. Why is this defect camouflaged in my mediocrity for knowledge?
  67. Why do I like it for others to take advantage of recurrences with this defect?
  68. How does this defect not let me get a partner?
  69. How does this defect not let me move forward?
  70. How is this defect preventing me from being born?
  71. How is it related to sexual falls that I have often?
  72. Do you think the self-realization of being with this defect was great?
  73. What details have you understood of this defect with public life?
  74. Have you learned to grasp the divide between observer and observed?
  75. Why don’t you have the will to work on this defect?
  76. This defect has goodwill for certain things. Lists 100.
  77. Why do I always promise and never comply?
  78. Did you know that the quality of energy and saving of it is the wisdom you possess of that eliminated defect?
  79. Do you consider yourself a warrior? If so, why does this defect make it look like the lowest thing on the planet?
  80. Why do I always leave for tomorrow?

During thoughtful meditation, no other thoughts that distract us from the psychoanalysis we are carrying out should be accepted.

Tips to eliminate a psychological defect in reflection
Source: Education  
June 30, 2019

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