In this article I will expose my personal perception of tithing, something that definitely provokes more than one controversy (except for those who give it voluntarily, and who believe in winning with it some kind of celestial favor).

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What is tithing?

By the very constitution of his word, tithing refers to one-tenth of something, for example the firstfruits, the crops, the animals or, in modern times, the salary, the salary.

What is tithing for?

It is worth clarifying once the one who writes this (author of the book The Hidden Truths of the Bible) IS IN TOTAL DISCONTINUATION WITH THE TITIAL as well as with any kind of religious slavery, so, in my opinion, tithing serves only to nourish religious organizations, interested in widening their pockets, and not in the real spiritual liberation of their parishioners.

As a trial on tithing

Tithing is something that, according to the Bible, required the God of Israel to his people as an offering or tribute to him (although we know it was not for him, but for the priests of the temple who, as in our time, lived at their expense at the expense of the people).

But how do we know that this was what God really ordained? Does God need money in heaven? What God we most interested in, and particularly bent on stripping his children of his material goods. Jesus said, Give to God what is of God, and as he ceases what is Caesar’s.

And we know that by things like this, Jesus was loathed by the priests of the temple. But what does this mean? That we must give our full being to God, and that to the political scheme our money. But this is also only a circumstantial truth, and we do not believe that Jesus endorsed her, except that the Jewish people were in place and would not want to make any fuss.

The economic and political system every day vacates our pockets, and we do not believe that it was something that Jesus, having options to choose from, advised. But let’s get back to the tithing question. With regard to it, we recognize one thing: IT IS WRITTEN IN BILBIA.

But we also recognize something else: IN THE BIBLE ARE WRITTEN MANY ANTICUTED LAWS, such as the slaughter of animals, pigeons, lambs; like the stoning of a woman who has been raped and who had not given notice at the time. In the same way, tithing is outdated and retardant (no matter how much blistering this causes to pastors and religious leaders), whatever their name or way of being grasped.

We do not believe that we will gain God’s favor with money, but with love; doing it with money sounds like a kind of bribery, blackmail, extortion for him. Measure it for a moment and you’ll come to the conclusion that it is. If you are loving, love will come into your life, if you are hardworking and honest, life will reward you.

The rest is a kind of brainwashing that stays for warlocks, for the Amazonian Indian or things like that. But of course, pastors have been able to fit people’s minds with a speech of economic prosperity. Then the masses flock because they want to be prospered economically. And here comes the contraption: if I want God to prosper me financially, I must also put in a little bit of money. However, things in daily life do not work that way, God is not bought, not blackmailed, much less he needs money.

The only one who needs money is the pastor, the bishop, the minister, the priest, who lives the great life, with luxury chariots; laughing at those who decimate him or, at best, believing he truly deserves it for carrying the word of God. But it is not known that this is not sacrifice for humanity and does not have any merit, because it charges (yes, tithing is a way of collecting 10% of the income, which in itself is already a lot). That is not sacrificing for humanity, but sacrificing humanity. If I really had any commitment to humanity, I’d do a selfless job. Then we would really see those who truly love humanity and its fellow citizens (which becomes love of God). The rest is soul merchandise.

And the next time you go to decimate, remember that that would best come in education for your children, to give a market to a person who needs it, to give you a break, etc. God doesn’t need that money. Instead you can turn it into well-being for yourself or those around you. That’s what God would want. O humanity, wake up!

Without a doubt, the business and abuse of the faithful and fanatics have become increasingly common. Very few of the so-called religious and spiritualists are willing to serve others in a free and disinterested way. Another very different thing is that it camouflages itself as something normal, established by the original Christianity.

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June 20, 2019

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