FTA, Opportunity or fraud?

Why so much insistence on signing the ‘FTA’ with Colombia and other Latin American countries?

The results have been dire for the peoples

The answer is to the World Health Organization, which stars in one of the unquestionable clauses of the treaty, with the ‘Codex Alimentarius Plan’. This consists, according to the USA and the United Nations, in providing consumer safety.

Therefore, the food that is distributed on the market is reviewed, in order to give them an adequate treatment, which improves the hygiene and health conditions of the products. In addition, each animal, used as food on the planet, should be treated with subclinical antibiotics and exogenous growth hormones.

A group of Us researchers, on a website called ‘talismanicidols.com’, documented everything regarding the ‘Food Code’, which before being included in the ‘TLC’, is part of the topics of ‘Agenda 21’, whose main objective is reduce the world’s population to 500 million, or more than 90% of people, due to excessive population growth, which is estimated at six billion people now living on planet Earth.

One thing that should really worry citizens in general is whether the treaty is signed or not, the ‘Code Food Plan’ was put into effect from December 31, 2009, in every country in the world.

In ours, the honourable Minister of Agriculture has already spoken out, setting out the wonders of the blissful plan and the benefits to be made. According to several scientists, since food is chemically manipulated, since the late 1960s, the number of cancer victims has increased to chilling levels.

Another detail that exemplifies the execution of ‘Agenda 21’, led by the Bush family and the Saudi billionaires who own more than 7% of the U.S., characters who have also invested large sums of money in all of George’s failed companies , such as ‘Arbusto’, which intended to extract oil from land where not even a drop of fuel was obtained, is the fluoridation of American water.

Again, like raindrops, we are inundont of questions. How do they do that the Saudis play a key role in the economy in the country they allegedly attacked? What does it have to do with fluoricizing water, if fluoride strengthens teeth and provides calcium to the body?

This is argued in several videos that record meetings between George H. and George W. Bush, in which it is not known whether former presidents attend on behalf of their nation or one of their companies. Perhaps they were going to talk about ‘The Carlyle group’, a multinational conglomerate with strong investments in government-regulated companies such as telecommunications, healthcare and, in particular, defence.

Both “Bush Jr.” and “Bush Sr.” worked for the ‘Carlyle Group’, the same company that had the Ben Laden family among its investors. This group holds large contracts with U.S. defense entities, providing arsenals of weaponry.

With these facts, the war against Iraq, begins to make sense. If you look at George W. Bush’s speech, it is divided into a before and after; at first, he didn’t seem interested in terrorism, but after seeing that his popularity ratings had dropped considerably, and that he wasn’t getting the expected results in ‘The Carlyle Group’, he needed a perfect alibi: an attack that justify a war. And it came to him “like fallen from the sky.”

In this way, the world focused on the United States. The ‘Carlyle Group’ positioned itself as the eleventh largest defense contractor in the United States. He owned ‘United Defense’, manufacturer of the ‘Bradley’ armored combat vehicle.

In the most cynical way, on 9/11, W. Bush guaranteed that ‘United Defense’ was going to have a very good year. And to complete the “good luck streak,” the Ben Laden family had investments in defense funds, which ironically meant that if America increased its defense spending, the Ben Laden family had a chance to earn a lot from those investments, to through the ‘Carlyle Group’. Quite a tongue-twister.

Does this justify the deaths of millions of Iraqi innocents, people who never hurt America? If the Saudis are the Bushes’ best friends, how is the war against Iraq based on catching ‘Al Qaeda’? After nearly six years of “counter-terrorism,” where are the chemical weapons that President Bush said were in Iraq?

As for water fluoridation, fluoride is scientifically proven to be one of the deadliest poisons for the human organism, a cause of internal bleeding and the development of cancer cells. And so, toothpaste is a poison because it contains sodium fluoride?

It was one of the first products that they manipulated with poisonous chemicals, like CocaCola, and where the idea of ‘Code foodius’ came from, so every time people use ‘Colgate’ or other well-known brands, obviously out of obligation and ignorance, it is slowly suicidal, inadvertently, freeing the state from a burden that is represented in money.

This manuscript would be filled with questions we asked ourselves after learning more about reality, which has been concealed by the media. But the essential doubt is why George Bush and his accomplices enjoy a beautiful life, full of freedom, riches and celebrations for their exploits, while millions of beings are killed by bullets and bombs made in their companies, without anyone do justice?

The only one who tried was a journalist who threw a failed shoe at George and now rots in jail.

FTA, Opportunity or fraud?
Source: Education  
July 28, 2019

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