Top representatives of the tale

The origins of the tale go back many, many centuries ago. For example, in Arabia, we find the tales of “The Thousand and One Nights”, which feature tales of extraordinary kind such as the ‘Lamp of Aladdin’, ‘Simbad the Seaman’, among others.

A tale that captivated the childhood of millions of children

A difficult task is to break down the main representatives of the story throughout history, but if we start from some nations, we will be able to observe the main exponents. We’ll do it with the top Latin Americans.

*Martín Adan: of avant-garde literature in Latin America is listed as one of its most important representatives.

*Julio Ramon Ribeyro: he is known as one of the most important tellers of Peru.

*Mario Vargas Llosa: his origin is from Arequipa and was one of the most famous essayists and novelists of South America and his generation, of the greatest exponents.

*Mariano Melgar: pioneer of Latin American romanticism. He had a very short life.

*Emilio Westphalen: of the main promoters of Peruvian culture and a renowned poet.

*Edmundo Bendezu: devoted himself to poetry and storytelling.

*Estuardo Núñez: from the twentieth century one of the most highlighted writers.

*José María Arguedas: Peruvian writer representing the indigenous movement.

*Jorge Basadre: not only the teller but the most famous historian of Peru.


*Octavio Paz: winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in the 1990s.

*Carlos Fuentes: in 1977, he won the Rómulo Gallegos prize. In 78, he won the Cervantes Prize and won the Prince of Asturias in ’94. of the 20th century, of the most important Mexican writers.

*Amado Nervo: Mexican exponent of the Modernism Movement.

*Mario Bellatin: listed as one of the best Mexican writers, author of “Salon de Belleza”.


*Gabriel García Márquez: in 1982 he obtained the Nobel Prize in Literature. He also transformed literature in Latin America.

*Manuel Mejía Gallegos: won the Rómulo Gallegos award.

*Manuel Zapata Olivella: exhibitor of Afro-Colombian literature

The nineteenth century is the most important in terms of the story as such. The Brothers Grimm are among the main representatives of this literary figure. ‘Red Riding Hood’, ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’, ‘Pulgarcito’, among others, are the most famous in the world.

In Germany, tremendous authors of the story also emerged, such as Hoffman, who integrates elements of magic, unreality, mystery, into a mixture between the real and the non-real. For example, he wrote “The Elixir of the Devil” and “The Golden Pout.”

America did not fall behind. Edgar Allan Poe is also one of the world’s leading. “The Crow”, rated as his best lyrical poem, but as for the story, he excelled in police tales with his masterpiece called “Extraordinary Narrations”.

Likewise, Washington Irvin is another of the American representatives. He wrote a varied collection of short stories called “Tales of the Alhambra” and “Book of Sketches”.

Juan Rulfo is another of these primordials of the story. He wrote works such as “El Llano en llamas”, “tell them not to kill me”, “Macario”, among others.

Jorge Luis Borges cannot help but mention himself. His most prominent stories are ” The South” and “The Gospel According to St. Mark”.

Top representatives of the tale
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July 7, 2019

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