Unknown Words of the Divine Comedy

Here are the meanings of some specific terms of Dante Alighieri’s great work:

Agency: refers to will. Example: free will to live on this earth.

Arno: is the name of an Italian river, located in Tuscan territory.

Auspice: synonymous with sponsorship or with the protection of someone. Example: “with the auspices of Virgil, Dante walked through hell.”

Ayes: it is a pain of the soul; also some kind of fear or intimidation.

Staff: It’s usually a cane used by old people or magicians. In Virgil’s case, he wore a magic staff.

Blasonar: adapt the squeak of a kingdom, family or village, with the traditional artistic rules of the region.

Fit: synonymous with tightening or adjusting, be it the trousers, dress, body, abdomen, etc.

Cilicius: it is a system of torture consisting of a strip of chains with terrible tips, considerably adjusted, to the body.

Cognition: refers to knowledge, intelligence, understanding, etc. Example:

“because of his supreme sacrifices, he was granted high cognition.”

Rugged: it is a characteristic of the deformed, uneven, difficult, cway terrain. Example: “by that rugged path, only the strongest warriors could transit”.

Escarp: in matters of the art of sculpture, the process of cleaning and cleaning materials, using a broom, is called “scarming”.

Swirench: it is the art of using sword with mastery and abilities, as well as other kinds of sharp weapons.

Fosco: is a dark color that tends to black.

Swell: fold something, or insert it into some other object. Example: “As soon as he saw the Light of an angel, he swelled ecstatic.”

Hondonada: it is a stretch of slingland. Example: “through that hollow came souls tormented by loneliness”.

Ignominy: synonymous with unknown or a kind of public offense.

Huge: it refers to something extremely large, huge, colossal.

Joy: a great joy due to external circumstances.

Reed: it is a dark green plant, on the outside. Inside it is white and fluffy, whose measurements do not exceed 8 decimeters long.


Unknown Words of the Divine Comedy
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June 30, 2019

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