Verses about the entrepreneurial family

The Entrepreneurial Family

The family that understands,
The smart family,
They are those who know
That with love and dedication is undertaken.

Family is strength, union,
It’s the foundation of society
With love, tolerance and respect,
Start humanity.

If we look at one that did,
I’m sure they used
The tools God gave us:
Same thing Christ taught.

And it is that entrepreneurship
Part of a great understanding
If you don’t look at the base
There can be no entrepreneurship.

Family is the foundation,
Hence prosperity flourishes,
If there is love since birth,
Wealth and fortune appear.

They are the secrets of this life
You’re born, you grow, you’re growing,
But if love is lacking,
Money and good money decreases.

The family that undertakes
The family that flourishes
They are always those
That this message you understand.

It’s not religion,
More like heart,
If you look right,
You’ll find your mind.

Jump, sing and smile at life,
That’s the secret,
For health and joy,
Pray and trust in the Father above.

The family that undertakes
It’s the family that fights
If yours understand
The scarcity won’t be much.

Poverty doesn’t look
To the family that undertakes
Although evil sometimes pulls
One with love defends oneself.

There is no entrepreneurship without good coexistence,
if you’re not able to forgive and tolerate
Never think my friend
That with your family you will undertake.

It’s not moralism,
It’s tolerance
The one who lovelearns
A millionaire is enough.

And be a millionaire
It is the one who truly undertakes
But he’ll never start
The one without his family undertakes.

Conflict in the family
There’s the disease
There are all the evils
Of this cruel society.

He’s not grumpy.
Gruoding and cursing
As success is achieved,
So there’s entrepreneurship.

Start, family start,
That by your example
People understand
And the Earth ascends.

Verses about the entrepreneurial family
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