What are the parallels for?

In geography, the parallel term is one of the most important terms, as well as the meridians, and allow us to position ourselves in certain coordinates.

The importance to be able to reach us within the globe

More specifically, both parallels and meridians are geographical coordinates, which may have an absolute location. The meridians are imaginary lines that are drawn in north-south direction.

The parallels, on the other hand, are circumferences of approximately equal extent, which are plotted in east-west direction. Therefore, they serve to locate a place or person in relation to the location of another place or person and serve as an element in the generation of the coordinates.

In other words, parallels are circles that go, as their name indicates, in parallel, horizontal, from east to west. The best known is the equatorial parallel, or equatorial line, of latitude 0 (zero), which divides the Earth into two hemispheres: North and South (the north is located at the top, and the South at the bottom (according to how the maps are usually shown).

Parallels also serve to demarcate geographical areas. However, it is worth noting that a parallel or meridian alone does not serve to determine a specific location, but is needed both.

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What are the parallels for?
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June 12, 2019

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