What colors to combine to obtain coffee?

The brown color is used in a huge variety of elements and is indispensable in multiple arts and crafts, especially those that require a work of painting or generation of color on objects or surfaces, and paper, fabrics, etc. But what colors to mix to obtain the brown color?

A simple mixture

And the question is simple. The colors that must be combined to obtain the brown color are:

The amount to obtain this color is approximately the same for each of the colors, that is, a 50-50 ratio will be used.

Now, if we want to darken the tone of the color we can use a portion of black, or if we want a pastel tone, we will use a white portion.

The brown color also receives other names such as brown, brown, brown, brown, kalua, among others. These are orange-red or orange-yellow shades, with a dark tint and low saturation, very similar to the color of wood or the hair of a brown bear.

But the names vary mainly by region. Everything depends on the process of chromatic adjectives that developed in a certain area and therefore, in this specific case, each Spanish speaker differs in the denomination form, but in essence it is the same color. Color is a universal language, but the way to describe it is different.

The term coffee comes from the Italian “caffè” and this in turn, from the Turkish “kahve”, which was derived from the classical Arabic language that denoted it as “qahwah”. As its name indicates, it refers to the tonality of the drink that is made with the roasted coffee seeds.

In some Colombian regions, as well as Cubans, the word “carmelito” is often used for the color coffee, in allusion to the color of the habit of the Carmelite monks, who took their name from Mount Carmel, Israel.

What colors to combine to obtain coffee?
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June 12, 2019

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