What is research for?

What is research?

What is research for?

Research is a process of generating new knowledge from the collection, study and interpretation of previously generated knowledge, or that is generated from observation and,in academic and scientific environments, through the use of the scientific method.

Research serves many things.At an academic level, it helps us to gather information about a specific topic and perform a more robust and credible written work.

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At the scientific and technological level, it serves to make new advances, discoveries, cure diseases, etc. But beyond this is also the social factor, because the sum of all this, in synthesis and ultimately, allows us to even improve our quality of life and contribute to the welfare of humanity.

Research serves to give an account of reality, of social and natural phenomenology. This, by sequence, leads us to know and generate new knowledge. To the extent that new knowledge is generated, paradigms are broken, theories and concepts are discarded, new theories are erected.

Main contributions

All this, together with the practical aspect, serves to generate new technologies, contribute to scientific development. And, ultimately, if it contributes to technological development, as a consequence, it serves to generate mechanisms and artifacts that help improve the human being’s quality of life, comfort, transportation, the treatment of their illnesses, etc.

In other words, the research has been the seed, the secret source that has contributed to the man of the caves, dressed in furs, with communication and transport very poor, has given the abyssal technological step of modern man.

This, as it is logical, supposes deep changes even in the same idiosyncrasy of the human being, of his psychology, in the same way in which he perceives that reality. That is the power of investigation.

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