What they are and how to avoid recurrences

It is called occurrences of events, events that “reoccur”, that is, something “recurring”, which “resorts”. Of course, there are recurring things that are very good like bliss, peace, true love, etc. However, we will not deal with them here because they are not a problem in our daily lives. We will deal, yes, with the recurrences that sour our lives, that make us unhappy beings, which cause us to continually destroy each other.

What they are and how to avoid recurrences

The origin of recurrences must be searched in the ego. Only the ego has compromises, so we can’t be free. For example, in the future we will eventually have an argument with a person, why? Because our ego has had that discussion in the past, and now it’s just time to do it again.

But if we are attentive, if when that moment comes we watch and die, THE RERECURRENCE is PUT TO BE TERMINATED. “Recurrences are events”, and there can be no events, events without actors. And those actors are usually our egos. When the ego dies, comedy ends. But what it means to die to the ego, that is: Eliminate our flaws, our psychological conditionings, which are really the source of pain and suffering. Eliminate my pride, my anger, my vanity, my petulance, my laziness, my drunkenness, my adultery, my fornications, my instability, my anguish, my stress, etc.

We are psychologically conditioned beings, and we already have – to a large extent – a marked destiny. Why? Because in the past we have insulted, hated, adulterated, put others in trouble, been intolerant, etc. Thus, the psychological factors that acted at that time ARE NOT IN THE PAST, but are very alive within us, in the background of our psyche. So all of these psychological factors will eventually make those situations repeat.

That is why it is wisely said in hermetism that “we are men with a future”, “try not to have any future”. When a human being has no future, hermetically speaking, it does not mean that tomorrow will not exist, or that it will not have prosperity, but that it means that IT IS FREE, ABSOLUTELY FREE OF ALL TYPES OF COMMITMENT generated by our economic factors inhuman, subconscious, animals.

A recurrence can really trigger entire wars. What begins with an insult between two people becomes matters of family and friends, and of neighbors, and of acquaintances, and of cities, and of entire countries.

How many times does a recurrence of two powerful families plunge two nations into war?

The law of recurrence is little more or less than the law of Thalion, from eye to eye and tooth to tooth, and is a fundamental cause in the continuity of karma or the generation of new karma. It is the vicious and mechanical cycle of cause and effect, effect and cause. We’re paid today, but tomorrow we’re charged. I’m taking it out today, but then they’re taking me away. “To whom Iron kills, iron dies.”

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What they are and how to avoid recurrences
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June 21, 2019

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