What were the causes of Gothic architecture

This facet of Architecture, arose in Paris, when the councillor of Louis VII, Abbot Surge, orders the building of the Cathedral of Saint Denis. Its design marked the Gothic style, which expanded throughout France and the entire European continent.

The goths were Freemasons

At first they were great religious constructions, but then other sectors, especially politicians and industrialists, also joined the Gothic infrastructure. But beyond all doubt, Gothic art has its greatest expression in cathedrals.

It was the year 1140 when this religious monument of the Cathedral of Saint Denis was erected. There they buried all the kings of France for almost six centuries; but in the French Revolution, in the midst of his barbarity, all the royal tombs of the Cathedral were desecrated.

To find the specific causes of this style of construction, we must look to the intense desire of the theologians of the time, to capture in a hidden way all their most essential and magical knowledge about God and the Universe. It should be noted that the secret lodges, specifically the Freemasons, were the first Gothic artists. In fact, the word “mason” means builder.

The aim of these Freemasons was to reflect and emphasize spirituality in buildings, especially religious ones. In detail, in what they wanted to emphasize most with their designs, was the primacy of Light over all matter, since the Light is the main symbol of the Divine.

In this way, imposing cathedrals emerged, with gigantic windows through which the Light enters in abundance. These construction Freemasons, because they are no longer, set the goal of representing the idea of the New Jerusalem or Great Heavenly City, of which it is mentioned in the Revelation of John of Patmos.

Thus, those representatives of the Gothic structure, intended to reflect in each temple the concept of a victorious church, of New Jerusalem, where Matter and Light are perfectly intertwined, something like the manifestation of the other world. That they wanted to capture in their tremendous architectural works.

The ineffable hymns seen in the book of Revelation, written by John of Patmos, mention the details of this New Jerusalem; describes it with pearl doors, jewellery of extreme value, golden passages and transparent glass windows. Based on these characteristics, the artists of that era got to work.

Then, they built temples without equals with stained-up stained-coloured stained-ups with occult, magical and esoteric paintings, for Freemasons have esoteric knowledge and above all more, in times of yesteryear. All the pillars and alleys of the cathedral are in gold; all this, so that parishioners would enter high states of spirituality.

But specifically, the Gothic Freemasons wanted to represent the Interior of the Human Being, in a physical temple. The Cathedral of Our Lady of Paris is one of the most famous and imposing structures of Gothic art. Its creation lasted almost two centuries and has been an inspiration for both writers, artists, tourists, religious, esoterists, among others, such as the case of Victor Hugo (Mason), with the “The Hunchback of Our Lady of Paris”

What were the causes of Gothic architecture
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June 30, 2019

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