Where do people go when they die?

It is one of the big questions, and it is similar to asking us where we came from before we were born. And it is a question that we can not answer in a definitive way, unless we adopt some kind of belief.

¿A dónde va la gente cuando se muere?

Where do people go when they die?

Each religion has its own explanation, and has different places to go or not go. But before continuing we must think about what is the human being? What is it made of? What parts make it up?

According to many philosophical and religious conceptions, the human being is a trio of matter, soul and spirit. But then, if that is the case, the form of the question is not well posed, or needs to be more concise, more specific. For example:

  • Where does the physical body go when a person dies?
  • Where does the soul go when a person dies?
  • Where does the spirit of a deceased person go?

What is the difference between soul and spirit? Surely this article has no intention of responding, but to generate more questions, more questions. Is the soul immortal? Is it the immortal spirit? Only that which has never been created is immortal, otherwise we must realize that everything that has a beginning has an end. And, in the case that it is eternal, does it make sense to live a single time with a physical body and spend eternity as an etheric entity wandering in space?

We are only convinced of something: When the physical body of a person dies, goes to the cemetery, or turns into ashes, and all of this later returns to earth and serves as fertilizer, and the atoms are recycled into new organisms. This in terms of the body, in terms of the physical part.

And, if this happens with the physical body, is it not valid to think that something similar happens to the soul? The difference would be that the soul is psychic material, and that it can have a much longer duration, but that, under certain conditions, it can also dissolve and then shape the psychic material that constitutes other animated forms.

But what about the spirit? We believe that the spirit has a different condition. We believe that the spirit was never created (at least in its seed) and that, therefore, it can never cease to exist. Development and expansion of the spirit is different, similar to seed and tree.

The different bodies of the human being

We know that we have a physical body, but scientific investigations have already given us a double of the physical that is called the vital body, and it is the one that serves as a vital seat for the physical body. When the vital body dies, then the physical body dies, and vice versa. But there are also those who say that human beings have other bodies, such as: astral, mental, of the will, of the soul and atmic or of the spirit.

And in some way it makes sense. For example, there are people who in dreams see themselves in distant places having encounters with people, or places, or see things that have happened elsewhere. And when they return to the physical body and find out, it turns out that what they have seen has been real. That would be the astral body of each one, which is of the etheric type and can travel anywhere in the world without any restriction. Similar would happen with the mental body (which would be more subtle than the astral) and the body of the will (related to the ability to create consciously). The other two bodies, the Buddhic and the atomic, are no more than different names for “soul” and “spirit.”

So where does each of these bodies go when people die?

The dimensions

A dimension is a level of consciousness, each time with greater or lesser density and vibrationality. Can the etheric part of a person go to an etheric region? It seems logical, just as the material part only goes to the material part (the earth returns to the earth), and the physical body returns to the physical region and disintegrates. The interesting thing is to know that there are many dimensions in the etheric region. To which of these dimensions does the etheric part go? Here perhaps we could enter what some religions have called “heaven” and “hell”.

The Catholic religion has already admitted that both heaven and hell don´t physically exist; they are not places, but places of consciousness. Pope Francis I already said that hell has no fire, and this is a revelation of great significance. Finally, we consider that each person, after his death, goes to the etheric region that is related to what is psychologically: criminal or vague, sweet and loving, etc., etc.

Is it possible to reincarnate?

Yes, it is possible. We have already seen that the physical body returns to the earth where each atom will serve to be assimilated into other living beings. The psychic material, in turn, can also be assimilated into new physical organisms. If we are able to conceive what eternity means, we will agree that a single existence, even if it lasted a billion years, would dissolve into eternity. The eternity before that trillion years with physical body, and the eternity therefore.

That would be something insignificant and, in the course of the billions and trillions of years, it would seem as if it had never happened, as if it had never happened. And if that person wanted to experience life again with a physical body, I COULD NOT. That would be a tyranny, an evil act, as if a person could put his hands to the fire only for once in life.

All the elements in the universe are re-materialized, take some form again, after going through a period of apparent fading. That is all.

Where do people go when they die?
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June 20, 2019

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