Who invented Paint

Everything points to the one that Bob Maker, a Microsoft worker, in 1964 gave rise to the spark of this fabulous and very popular drawing program called Paint and the first thing he dabbled was the text tool.

A basic and very useful tool

National Geographic, in those 1960s, revolutionized television graphics using Paint’s rectangle tool, for the design of its official logo. A tool so used by various fields and sectors that even Satanists used it to capture inverted five-pointed stars and other dark geometric symbologies.

By all the experts and media in the world, Paint has been listed as the best graphics editing program. The name was selected with all Microsoft policies and creatives and is always included in free Windows accessories.

It is so useful, practical and of such quality, that even in the films they have taken advantage of it, as in Matrix and others.  It’s so amazing that you can perform automatic color degradations. Some of its tools are: rectangle, polygon, circle, text, magnifying glass, pencil, line, curve, brush, eraser, freeform selection, color eraser, color fill, extract color, rounded rectangle, ellipse.

When they were making the choice of name, in a meeting chaired by Bill Gates, many options were taken into account as: the Alps, Paintbrush, Warkshop, among others. But Paint has more force and effectiveness, that’s why they chose him.

Up to three colors at the same time, in the current Paint you can work. With the left click, the primary color is printed; With right click, secondary color and tertiary, pressing The Control key plus any mouse click, a palette of 48 colors and 12 color slots, are the standards that come with the latest Windows operating systems. For example, there are 28 different color palettes in the View.

Who invented Paint
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July 7, 2019

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