Who invented the violin

It is not known for sure, who exactly invented the violin, or from which specific instrument it comes. It is ignored today, whether it comes from the Western or Eastern world.

Changed the music forever

But there are several characters that participated in the elaboration of violins, recorded by the story as Nicola Amati. Gasparo da Saló, Giuseppe Guarnieri de Gesú, Giovani Paolo Maggini and Antonio Stradivari.

As such, the violin with its current characteristic forms, appeared before the public in the second half of the sixteenth century. When compared to a mandolin, there is a suspicion that the violin will be derived from it, which also has two flat tops such as the guitar and with the curved back.

But to discover the true origins and inventors of the violin, we must go back to ancient Egypt or millennial India, with the Egyptian Nefer or the Hindu Ravanastron or also the lira of Greece, among other ancient civilizations.
From other historical perspectives, the invention of the violin is attributed to the following characters:

  •  Testori the old
  •  Giovanni Kerlino
  •  Corna Linaroli
  •  Duiffoproucart
  •  Antonio Bolgnesi
  •  Strocchi
  •  Oreste foffa
  •  Montichiari Pellegrino

An archive of the history of Cremona, gestated in the ephemeris of a bicentenary Stradivariano, tells that the author of the violin was Andrea Amati and that his birth occurred between 1510 and 1580 in Cremona. It is reported that in the middle of the sixteenth century, a violin school operated in the same city.

Very diverse and found positions found in music historians, who also ensure that the origins of this beautiful stringed instrument come from the beginnings of human civilization, also found vestiges in Persia and north of the African continent.

It is also unknown how the process of its evolution was to reach what it is today, with a stylized and fine arc, the origin of which is also ignored. What is known is that Francois Tourte, famous French watchmaker, proposed to use the bow that normally accompanies the current violin.

Who invented the violin
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July 7, 2019

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