Eight keys to success: ‘Eight Basque surnames’



  • The film has already grossed 17.2 million euros and will soon become the highest grossing comedy of Spanish history.
  • The skillful handling of the topics and the need to laugh the public key.

  • A good advertising campaign has been much more important in this case that the opinion of the review.
  • producers are already studying a sequel.

Eight Basque surnames

“An entertaining movie, no more … The typical Spanish comedy! ” . That answered a major critic of this country to ask, just two weeks ago, on Eight Basque surnames . That was what seemed like the fifteenth film director Emilio Martinez Lazarus : a premiere over Universal Pictures, another production of Telecinco Cinema, the umpteenth film intended in these difficult times, to go unnoticed for a few empty rooms.

However … “They told me you have to see it: it’s hilarious,” answers now almost anyone who asked. Not surprisingly, talk of which is poised to be the highest grossing comedy of Spanish history. Yes, it’s typical comedy … But is historical. Because never, a movie in Spain (or Spanish or foreign) had shot their figures after debut: 2.7 million in its first weekend, 4.4 million collected the next .. . to 17.2 million euros collected until Monday, including the claim of the Film Party (with cheaper tickets, but very many more viewers).

Why precisely Eight Basque surnames ? Why not 3 more weddings (a very good comedy), Vivir is easy with eyes closed (the big winner of the last Goya ) or any other? It’s hard explain this phenomenon (if any explanations would be predictable and repeatable), but using the number listed in the title of the film itself could be defined eight key the great and unexpected success Spanish of the year, which, by the way, producers are already considering a sequel. “The decision is not taken, but we want to record it and we’d have the same players,” said a 20minutes Ghislain Barrois, CEO of Telecinco Cinema, which produced the film .

Under the umbrella of Telecinco

So far, the highest grossing Spanish film The film is impossible , which has a budget of 30 million euros managed to collect only in Spain, almost 40 million. Eight Basque surnames is another thing (nor is it a show or movie has stars like Naomi Watts ), but it has something in common with ribbon Bayonne and other hits like Cell 211 : the participation in the project of Telecinco Cinema. What does that mean? Among other things, a massive advertising presence of the film in the most watched TV channel in Spain and the ability to reach millions of households.

Word of mouth

That could justify the initial success (those 2.7 million euros, being the highest grossing film in the weekend of its release), but not the subsequent growth … unusual explanatory once more, the “word of mouth”. Liked the movie, and people are instructed to proclaim to the four winds, to become “the movie you have to go see.” Its writer, Borja Cobeaga explained how important it is, in a comedy, being in a room with more audience watching a funny movie laughter is contagious, and the feeling of having a good time is multiplied. . “From the moment we saw the film appeared he had something special,” say from the distributor, Universal



Because that’s another key: the need to have fun. Gregorio Belinchon, film expert The Country Diary says that “people need to laugh, and that’s one of the few explanations that can be given to the success of the film. Their creators to not found many more … Nothing will ensure a box office success, but certainly many people prefer to forget their problems in a theater and do not remember him the misfortunes that happen to others. ” “It comes at a sensitive time when people laugh at you fancy screen and runs a range of topics,” explains meanwhile Álvaro Augustin, CEO of Telecinco Cinema.


“was sufficient to rescue the old jokes Basques and Andalusians lifetime,” adds Luis Martinez, critic World , “to create a wave of sympathy and complicity in the public “. Much of it, indeed, has Eight Basque surnames : showing what the movie is known for both Basque (the film has been a phenomenon in theaters Euskadi) to any Spanish. The comparison is obvious: French films like Welcome north or Italian Welcome to the South and explored, with great success, regional topics

. Originality

And yet … Eight Basque surnames is also original. It’s not to make jokes about an alleged style haircut in Euskadi (all we ever heard any comment on that), but to behold, with humor, topics as street violence or the independence of the Basque Country. “I got stuck with writing on dozens of films about ETA and the Basque world,” Martinez recalls, “and there was everything: Days numbered , Death of Mikel Tasio … But no one had done a comedy, a comedy as well. “


As everyone agrees is on However, in speaking of a “timely” movie. The famous “being in the right time and at the right place.” Eight Basque surnames is a cheap movie (around three million euros), but has known faces like Clara Lago or, especially, television Carmen Machi ( Aida ) or Dani Rovira , known for shows like B & b or comedy club . As mentioned, plays a troubled former issue (terrorism, indepedencia …), but it starts to look way more relaxed after the cessation of violence in Euskadi. And it has taken as few potential Internet and social networks, with a strong campaign Promotional both large and small media blogs.


Cobeaga say Borja, director of interesting films like Friend Zone or No controls and here with co-writer Diego San Jose (with which he cut his teeth writing semanita Go , a hit for years in the ETB with many similarities with the film of which we speak) intended the film to be much more acidic, but the director and the producers were clear: they wanted something for a public “between 7 and 70 years” . They got Eight Basque surnames like both Panda chavalitos going to the movies as who goes camping as couples who see a movie before snack churros. You have the right touch, is located halfway between the vandalism and buenismo to the end, focus on such a foolproof recipe a thousand times viewed: loving conflict between its protagonists. “The film is in tune with the public: the only way to explain the success at this level,” says Barrois, Telecinco Cinema

And Review

¿.? And who cares Review? Eight Basque surnames proves once again: the opinion of critics, especially in regard to a comedy, it has no value. Respected Jordi Costa , for example, wrote that despite a “strong start punctuated by aftershocks as effective as fierce, the film is coming down for various reasons”, defining it as “an excellent chance spoiled.” Carlos Bootes, maybe now Spain’s most famous critic, defined in the a digital meeting as “visible and audible, just”. But no matter … Federico Marin, ABC , it was clear just outside the press pass “It’s very funny, has a brave humor, unapologetic and, at the same time, nothing offensive The cast is terrific, the script is fantastic and the manager knows the job … A movie that you recommend to your parents, your. !. brothers and your children … And that even many people will see a second time


Eight keys to success: ‘Eight Basque surnames’
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