Elections, the Berlin Wall, or Vox, most searched on Google in Spain; Greta Thunberg and Notre Dame in the world

The general election, the fire of the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris and fall of the Berlin Wall are the three topics most sought after in Google in Spain in 2019, a year in which he also snuck between visits the Metro de Madrid or Vox.Google has unveiled on Wednesday the questions, terms, and characters that have most interested the spaniards during this year in its search engine, after measuring the trends in these last twelve months, not searches, in absolute terms.So, as every year, the american company has made a list of ten search terms of highest growth rate in 2019 in Spain.Leads this ranking “general election”, followed by “Notre Dame”, “the fall of the Berlin Wall”, “municipal election”, “Black Friday” and “Lottery of the Child”.In the post seven appears Vox, followed by Metro de Madrid, listeriosis and wedding of Sergio Ramos.Also the Spanish have used the search engine to celebrate good times: Rafael Nadal and Wimbledon, the World women’s football or men’s basketball, next to Rosalia, the Game of Thrones, or the film Joker, which have been the trend on Google in 2019, has informed the company in a note.This year has also been resorted to search and to ask ourselves the “why” of many things, such as “what is the carne mechada”, “which means vtc, cdr u ‘ontas'” and “what is dana”.And the “when”: when the time is changed, when are the rebates or when he plays Nadal.The adolescent advocate against climate change Greta Thunberg and the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris were the trend in the Google search engine, this, 2019, at a global level, according to the list published by the american company.The list, prepared annually by the search engine most used on the planet (it is estimated that around 92% of the query online are carried out through Google) makes no reference to the terms most sought after, but to those that are “trend”, that is to say, that have grown during the past twelve months.Although the Swedish 16-year-old started to become known last year, 2019 has catapulted definitely a global icon, being chosen as the cover of the magazine Time in may, receiving a nomination for the Nobel Peace prize and by participating in the climate summit of the UN.So, Thunberg was one of the ten people who woke up more interest in the last twelve months, a group in which are also the football player of PSG Neymar, actor Joaquin Phoenix, the youtuber James, Charles, and the football player Antonio Brown.By his side, the fire of Notre Dame, which swept the deck and needle out of the building, shot up the searches on the internet about the cathedral in paris and became one of the news “trend” of the year, next to the Copa America of football, the hurricane Dorian, the world cup of cricket and the general elections in India.Also “sneaked in” among the most important events of the year on the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, and the mysterious area 51 desert in USA, an inexhaustible source of speculation and conspiracy theories, and that thousands of internet users announced that they would “assault” in September, something that finally never happened.It also awakened a new or renewed interest actors Jussie Smollett and Kevin Hart, the players Iker Casillas and Ansu Fati, the movies Avengers Endgame and Joker, the series Game of Thrones and Stranger Things and the songs Old Town Road and 7 Rings.
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Elections, the Berlin Wall, or Vox, most searched on Google in Spain; Greta Thunberg and Notre Dame in the world
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December 11, 2019

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