Electric cars in 2018 with 500 km of autonomy

Electric Cars in 2018 with 500 km of autonomy

Until 2020 will not reach the next generation of batteries, which promise in compact vehicles have high autonomy of about 500 kilometers. But two years before the big SUVs will have similar autonomy.

The plans of many automakers is 2020 reach with options whose autonomous electric cars are no longer the problem, we are talking to match the maximum possible autonomy between electric and conventional vehicle. That is, a 500-600 kilometers at least , although everyone knows that there are models with much more capacity in the market, but 500 kilometers may be sufficient even to address some trip.

Manufacturers rumors begin to sow the net with what we will see over the next few years and is now Audi which seems to be the trend in the coming months. The first vehicles to achieve these autonomies will be the big SUVs and vehicles of representation, similar to that experienced other technologies approach, first for the premium vehicles and then for the rest.

The first reports speak of a battery capacity of 90 kWh.

Ulrich Hackenberg, head of technical development of Audi, confirmed to reporters who are already working in an SUV that could achieve this autonomy and your marketing will be in 2018 , a couple of years before when the main battery manufacturers have estimated that the arrival of their new products.

We do not know technology to be used in the batteries to see if we’re talking about something new or simply a large capacity, ie a very large battery to get to that autonomy as a motor and a system highly effective energy regeneration. All we know is that the electric revolution is already in the minds of all car manufacturers and this will result in many models on the market.


Electric cars in 2018 with 500 km of autonomy
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March 13, 2015

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