elementary OS Freya: A Linux distro to stay

elementary OS Freya

elementary OS is still by far the most successful Linux distribution that I’ve had in my short life of millenial. For more than a decade since discovered the virtues of free software and lots of operating systems that have emerged from the union of GNU and Linux, was partly enthusiasm that motivated me to install more than a dozen different distros, but the other more powerful reason is simple: no ending to convince me for more than a month to definitely use

That changed about three years ago when elementary OS Luna was still in beta, and despite. how unstable was in several respects, never a distro both hooked me from the start. Freya build a skyscraper small but substantial improvements on a basis that already had a couple of years with a high level of maturity . ## It’s more than my favorite distro, is my preferred operating system

 elementary os freya review

I am a user of Windows, as another thousand people in the world, and before elementary OS me was hard to find a distro that would leave too much on before needing to go to the windows of Microsoft for some reason time. Ubuntu 9.04 was the closest thing to this, still my favorite version of this system, however, since Unity I no longer have the same love you.

But, let’s talk about Freya. This new version of elementary OS does not include a sea of ​​improvements readily apparent, but is optimizing everything good that Moon had what makes feel better. This is the same car with a new engine, new upholstery, and tried in every way .

Freya has a new base, this time is Ubuntu 14.04, which lengthens the life of the distribution to the years of extended support offered by Canonical distro . Use a version of the Linux kernel newest bringing great improvements in the support of hardware and performance. And if you had failures with peripherals or drivers in the past with Luna, the odds that were fixed by Freya are enormous. ## The beauty

I’ll start with the good, and then leave record that is not the perfect distro, but is nearing a little more every day. From the beginning, you will notice improvements . The installer tells you exactly which partitions will be modified if you have dual boot, and gives you some security in what you’re doing. Although highly always do our partitions by hand, on this occasion, and in the name of science recommend, I decided to let elementary OS is installed with my Windows 8.1 and the installer do the partitioning automatically .

 elementary os freya review

What a nice 24 minutes later (the servers to download third-party components worked fairly slow) had my distro installed perfectly. And, thanks to support for UEFI including Freya, I had not the slightest problem for dual boot on my machine . A tear.

The start is very fast , 4-5 seconds to reach the login screen, which has been refined and looks prettier than ever. It bothered me a little that the guest account continue to appear by default, the good thing is that now can be disabled from the settings and not have to see her anymore.

The icons look better than ever, especially the indicators on the panel, and in the file browser . The application menu is now smarter and can do things like add an event to the calendar icon directly from Maya. You can do math in the search box, and although would have preferred web searches, you’re able to search within the entire system. You can also search for files in Files, the browser that function both asked loudly .

 elementary os freya review

The top panel has a smart transparency is adjusted according to the wallpaper , is very cute lovers appreciate enough detail. Of course, new wallpapers are beautiful.

This distro supports an enormous amount of a Keyboard pits to do almost anything , come in a listed from the menu keyboard settings area, and you can change the keyboard shortcuts for which you want. Nothing to envy to the wonders of windows snap to organize the space occupied by your windows.

The new Workspace Manager looks better than ever, operates super smooth, and new animations give you a feeling that everything slides as angels in the sky .

Support for multiple monitors is luxury , not I had not the slightest problem connecting my external monitor, or my TV. You can adjust the resolution and position at will.

 I freya elementary review

The very elementary OS applications have improved a lot , the terminal is more sensual than ever, finally supports searching and have added a warning when you paste code. The new video application is much prettier, and if you install third-party codecs, you can see anything on it. The music app does not crash and finally closes by magic all the time, and have refined appearance. Geary works great, much faster and integrates seamlessly with the notification panel; notifications that have improved significantly and are now interactive , click on them takes you to the application and can discard them immediately by clicking the “x” that appears when you hover the mouse on some.

In elementary OS Freya can install whatever works in Ubuntu 14.04 , and that simply priceless, because the huge support having this distribution . If you are using Chrome you can solve the lack of many native applications, Chrome webapps added to the dock. ## The Ugly

During the nearly two weeks I’ve been using Freya, I got several problems and defects that I was taking notes. Several were resolved in one of the 9 small updates that I have received since, but are a stain on the release that disillusioned over one that did not have the patience to wait to be resolved.

A detail perhaps insignificant, but it annoys those who pay too much attention: the installer says “Ubuntu” instead of “elementary OS” and leaves a first impression of incomplete work because the hassle of changing it did not take the distribution name in the installer. And for some reason you can not create the boot disk with Unetbootin, had to do with Yumi, something that can mean headaches for those using that tool.

The speed file transfer both USB 2.0 with 3.0 are considerably slower that I have in Windows.

elementary os freya review

There is a pretty terrible fault with the file browser and pointer mouse : If you drag files from one window or tab to another, the pointer is duplicated in a gruesome manner. In my case having two monitors, drag the pointer to the other screen help, but who have no workspace can not imagine how it drives them crazy.

If you do not install the updates immediately after installation, you may have a fault in wanting to install Chrome for a broken dependencies. Pretty annoying.

elementary os freya review

If the power options allow the display turns off when inactive PC, never restarts . It’s probably a controller fault free video. I tried using the driver Nvidia proprietary, but with that I flicker, so I went back to free it only has the problem I mentioned. Eternal suffering with GPUs on Linux since the world began.

It was not until the third or fourth update to disable the guest account worked truth.

If I close the lid my laptop, to reopen the system has both lag is unusable, so I reboot, or never close the lid with lit PC.

Sometimes the setting panel will not want to run for more than icon pressures 10 times. And after every reboot I change my USB mouse port or scroll crazy. 8.5Pese their little faults, which are likely to be resolved gradually, elementary OS Freya is a formidable distribution . It is easily one operating system to stay permanently and not think about other distros except to admire from afar. 99% of things work, and also look beautiful . No I had to restart even once simply because I can not do something here that if I do in Windows, and those are big words.

The only thing I have not tried is Steam and gaming performance for Linux that I have in my library, but honestly I have no interest in doing so, it rarely play on the PC these days, and if he wanted to secure end in Windows because just the video drivers work much better there.

Having yet launched with pesky bugs that could be solved in a few days, we’ve had to remove midpoint. And, because even today, nearly two weeks after other problems are still able to break the experience for many users, we’ve taken a full point. But I can not help but recommend it. + Oriented Design with the best of any Linux distro. + Lightweight and fast in any relatively modern equipment. + Perfectly integrated and usable own applications. + Compatible with UEFI. + Intuitive and easy to use. + Several bugs in the development stage still persist. + Midori simply does not improve nor is it a worthy competitor to other modern browsers. + For more than want, I will not give warmth at night


elementary OS Freya: A Linux distro to stay
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April 25, 2015

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