Elon Musk wants to send humans to Mars in 2024

Elon Musk wants to send humans to Mars in 2024

During the Code Conference, Elon Musk announced the next targets of Space X: sending humans to Mars in 2024

<. p> After announcing that Space X reach Mars in 2018, Elon Musk has proposed further revolutionize space exploration. In a talk of the Code Conference held this morning, the enterprising and inspiring or Hyperloop Tesla has announced that it intends to send humans to Mars in 2024.

“If you want to achieve these ambitious challenges, you have to prepare something big,” Musk said during his speech. But declined to disclose details of the mission, which will be released in September, the employer did express its intention to take every orbital period of 26 months to send ships Dragon to Mars. Doubts about the project focus especially on whether these capsules can land anywhere in the solar system or if the manned mission can withstand the extreme conditions of Mars. In that sense, NASA already warned in 2013 that the high radiation could hamper one trip of this kind. The reduced gravity, the possible biological contamination and distance are other challenges of Martian colonization . As indicated by the Musk himself, in the event that the initiative of Space X was successful, early humans would reach the red planet in 2025.

In addition to its space projects, Elon Musk also talked about his other great ambition: Tesla. During the Code Conference, he said the GigaFactory where cars will be built “will be the largest of its kind. Also, Musk ruled that Google is competition in the manufacture of cars, but acknowledged that Apple” itself could be, but late “.


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