Emerging: Actor Patrick Criado also triumphs in film


Patrick Criado

is one of those actors I’ve seen it grow on the screen, Red Eagle means, for began in television as a child. Patrick Criado Gate (Madrid, 1995) turned 18 on September 23, curiously ten days after the theatrical release of large family Spanish, by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo .

In the film gets into the skin of Ephraim, the youngest of five brothers, celebrate their wedding on the same day Spain played the World Cup final Football. Between him and his character there, in addition to age, certain parallels, but had to change the chip of a legendary Golden Age?? For his work in the series of La 1 ?? the raw and tragicomic reality. “I have long been playing the role of Nuño and have nothing to do. But Ephraim is a character who is a lot like me, a normal kid 18 years, and that helps.” Patrick has only one brother, but shares with Ephraim “way of being”: “Although I can not think of marrying him … I leave it for later [laughs].”

As you Patrick says he’s a normal guy who studies (Realization), plays guitar, enjoys soccer, continues series like Breaking Bad … only that, unlike his friends, he works as an actor and sometimes recognized in the street. He says that “for now” and hopes it stays that way, you can make your life “as normal”. Now, this profession also has hard things, “but if you enjoy it and you like what you do, gets along very well. Hardest part is combining it with studios, record exam time …”.

In your family “of course they take it seriously.” Patrick did not have to pass the test to tell his parents he wanted to be an actor, but rather “was gradually emerging”: “It was something I liked, but not a priority. When I was very small and had no clear what I wanted to be. they provided could not cause a problem for my studies, have respected and supported me a lot. “

The big break came thanks to Daniel Sánchez Arévalo their first lead character in the big screen “and directing him, an honor.” But Red Eagle has been the best school. “The role of Nuño is with the one I have made known and I have learned, and am still learning a lot. I studied acting, but I have formed alongside the best teachers” and cites the actors Miryam Gallego and Francis Lorenzo .

discovered that he enjoyed acting long ago, “in play”. By far not had the professional opportunity to get back on the stage: “As a matter or another, I could combine the roles offered to me. But I think the public, direct … I would impose much. With cameras may be more used, but also depends on the sequence and complexity “.

Returning to football and his youth, during the filming of Spanish large family compared it Child Torres?? one of his idols??. His career also sounds promising. “Soon will premiere another great movie, all dead, Beatriz Sanchis , which I had the opportunity to work with Elena Anaya. I have also recently filmed biopic on the king’s life, playing a young Juan Carlos I . And nothing we return to the shooting Red Eagle, with a great desire. Actually, I can not complain. ” At 18 he has already fulfilled the dream of working on what you like. Your whole life is ahead to reach another great goal: “Hollywood”. Sure Javier Bardem also dreamed of it when it started, not sure if I ever make it.

Nothing impersonal

    • plan B. “My greatest desire is to keep at it and live it, but always have a plan B. Also, in my case could reconcile it: I’m studying Performing and I would love to dedicate to both.”
    • Goals are love. The World Cup final caught him “in the U.S. exchange”, but lived “with a lot of enthusiasm.” It footballing and “very Atleti”.
    • Movies. Your favorite actor is Javier Bardem and your favorite movie, Pulp Fiction . The last one has seen, The Witches of Zugaramurdi.
    • Melendi. Patrick plays guitar ( in you can see a video acting, with his father, in the Club Pizzicato of RTVE). “I really like Melendi” he says, although he confesses that he sings only for his friends and in the shower.

    Emerging: Actor Patrick Criado also triumphs in film
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    October 31, 2013

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