Enroll your children in times of pandemic: digital tools to be able to do it from home

The limitations imposed by the different phases of the current desescalada are affecting all aspects of daily life, including one of obligations most common in these months of spring for the 9.8 million of Spanish students: the formalization of the school tuitions for the next course in educational centers.

As it has done on numerous occasions during these past months of hardship, the technology returns to offer solutions to a social need, also shared by the educational authorities: to minimize the risk of infection from COVID-19 avoiding physical contact and the use of media transmitters as forms.

In this way, it is possible to formalize the register a student for the next school year thanks to the enrollment telematics, a solution online with legal validity full and “completely adapted to the ‘new normal’ to be accessible at any time and from any place, and to completely eliminate the paper document as well as the act face-to-face delivery,” explains Thomas White, responsible for document Management of Nunsys.

The platform IvCert has been developed by Ivnosys, a Spanish company specializing in the development of software to centralize, protect and manage the digital identity and the electronic transaction of the company with the maximum legal guarantees”.

The tool ensuring the legal authenticity of each registration processed by requiring your signature using the digital certificate of the intervener. If not available, the system allows to validate the procedure using a code of a single use, which the user receives by SMS to upload the instance to the electronic headquarters of the educational institution.

All of the evidence of each application are saved in PDF format and are verified with a time-stamp-mail qualified. Jaime Castelló, director general of Ivnosys, says, “the time stamp shows that the provided data have existed and have not been altered in the process. So we certify the security of the personal information that is provided in the processing, and the user receives by e-mail a copy of the documentation after the signature”.

This key factor, combined with other benefits such as streamlining the process, providing a greener choice, thanks to culture paperless , or the reduction of administrative costs, have been decisive to convince some ministries of education of regional governments that have already adopted IvCert of the next academic year.

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Enroll your children in times of pandemic: digital tools to be able to do it from home
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June 9, 2020

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