Evo Japan 2019 censored the rebroadcast of Dead or Alive 6

The alliance was annoying, at various times of the event.

Evo Japan 2019 issued a few hours ago a special Dead or Alive 6 was announced the collaboration with SNK and a demo for a limited time. However, the presentation was somewhat controversial in the eyes of the organization, which cut the streaming and he apologized for the spectacle offered.

The series is known for eroticism of his fighters, and what started as a demonstration of the gameplay resulted in the models of the event showed their clothes ripped -an effect that happens in Dead or Alive 6– to reveal the clothing inside.

While the demo loaded, these models imitated the movements of the game where the more it highlights the physics of the breasts.

however, what ended up upsetting Evo Japan 2019 could be seen in the own game with the photo mode, when is paused at one of the keys at the right time to simulate a position sexual, with presenters taking pleasure in the moment.

Shortly after, Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar, one of the founders of Evo, published a message on Twitter -now deleted – in which he claimed that the event of Dead or Alive 6 does not reflect the values of the Evo or the community of fighting games. “We have stopped the relay temporarily to protect the integrity of our brand. We apologize to our fans”.

The measure affected to Twitch but not to the platform japanese OPENREC, where you could see the whole of the relay. In its turn, the Mark “MarkMan” Julio came back to apologize to offended viewers by the relay.

Dead or Alive 6 comes to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC the 1 of march.

Evo Japan 2019 censored the rebroadcast of Dead or Alive 6

Evo Japan 2019 censored the rebroadcast of Dead or Alive 6
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February 15, 2019

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