Example diagnostic document management


diagnosis document management

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DIAGNOSIS Document Management
area or process Accounting
RESPONSIBLE: Judy A. Beltran
POSITION: Contadora
DATE: September 1, 2009
STUDENTS: Bolagay Danilo Mauricio Romero
CRITERIA FOR The diagnostic

-analyze document flows and their relation to workflows

– Identify the needs of the MANAGEMENT COMPANY regarding information
Analyze DOCUMENTARY media, the document generation process and means of receiving and disseminating

– registration forms design and control of correspondence

– Distribution of documents

– Processing of documents

– Detecting duplications and inconsistencies

– The Document Handling Digital and Print

– Electronic Document Management

Start analysis

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The document flow is adjusted to the workflow
There synergy, somehow, as the documentary flow in a large majority, can be limited to sales invoices for items that are manufactured. Another strength is the generation of documentation of Human Resources concerning the labor hisotrias. The administrative part has about 30 employees, while the operational part exceeds 600 workers. The documentation is a result of the activity of the entity aministrativa. However, document management lacks independence and dependence as such. recommended creating Document Management section, it is handled independently and autonomously and to regulate document processes within the institution.
Regarding physical location of documentation 049 2000 agreement states that stocks should not be near polluting industries (for which seem viable location change) and in terms of shelf, leaving a 20 cm wall.
Company with small administrative area. N’s office filing: Documents received at the reception, and there, in issuing the seal and / or acknowledgment of receipt. The receptionist is the person responsible for distrubuir incoming correspondence, and dispatching the boss (1 messenger).
At this point it is necessary to verify that the documents are complete, corresponding to advertised, and competence of the entity for purposes of filing and registration to begin the process Filing: The procedure by which, are assigned consecutive numbers to communications received or produced, noting the date and time of shipping receipt or Register: This is the procedure by which entities enter their data systems such as: Name of person and / or sender or recipient institution, name or code of the competent, responsible official name of the procedure, Annexes and time (if it deserves), among others should handle correspondence software or, at least, generate a database or excel acces to bring the respective control of information, and also to write to a correpondencia instructive. While it is for government agencies are advised mailroom available as stipulated in the agreement 060 2001. is recommended to the respective forms of mail and keep track detailed base data through a system and / or application filing.
The person responsible for the receipt, because handling correspondence documents. Should be trained and, if high volume of correspondence, you must generate a new office, under the direction of the Office Document Management, to take charge of this work.
Management printers and point lasser, photocopying, fax paper. Overall documentary support originates on paper, but also generates magnetic information on CD-Room. No handles microfilm.
bags are handled, files, jute folders, letter and legal sizes (some of which are plasticized), azetas in letter and legal sizes at two and three holes, and some of which, really few are prepared chemically stable polymers, thermoplastics, for storage of larger volumes and valued information, as detailed financial statements (also in digital format) laser printers can be replaced by inkjet printer with original inks long lasting. The inks used laser printers present fragmentation in time when the documents are bent, which is generated documentary deterioration and additionally, information is lost. The 1094 decree 1996 establishes guidelines regarding electronic invoices. Is recommended, and is running since the implementation of the college website look in detail the implications of using this type of document.
On the seccióncontabilidad, and because it is one of the dependencies most generated documentation, and being from now, the central file space projected shortfall in two years, you can host the sixth law parameters 1992 (Art.74) regarding the use and probative value of the optic disc in the documents tributaries.
suppress printing is advised because inks laser fragmentation present time.
Not implemented a formal format.
The person in charge of the reception takes control through a personal inventory and is carried as a control staff, but not in the form of a formal record and institutionalized. must design, approve and implement these formats (can accompany quality in this process).
are received in the respective offices, according to competition of each face of the various cases, and followed procedure is given.
distribution media definition: personal, fax, mail, email, section air online processing, website, other: Ensuring compliance with requirements of the document, packing and packaging methods, Weight and portering of documents, traditional mail management: Normal, certificate, special, firm control and delivery guides and worksheets, Control returns, external messaging Organization, Control Register document delivery Of these staff distribution is used, or certified mail as required. Tamien personal delivery is used, traditional mail, e-mail and in coming days by contact form of the website. View 2001 according 060
Input: Reception in hardware via courier or fax. Fax reception by some offices and data messages.
Process: Filing and delivery to the respective offices. Offices given process within the stipulated terms.
Output: Answer on paper and using uncertified corporate messaging. Answer by data messages.
Course Document from production or reception to fulfill its administrative function. In furtherance of their duties each unit generates a set of documents to be processed. It must take into account the time limits established for the timely processing of communications. RECEIPT OF APPLICATION OR PROCEEDING. Confrontation and timesheet filling out and processing route. Process id. Determination of competence. Defining duration periods and response times. ANSWER: Analysis and compiling background information. Preparedness and Response projection No documents abrasion metal hooks because it can cause rust over time, exacerbated in case of moisture. To work histories should be organized according to document types defined order. Circular 004 of 2003 makes recommendations about the proper organization of work histories for the executive branch (you can embrace and accept certain guidelines stipulated therein).
DUPLICATE DOCUMENTARY: It makes it very often, in copying, in several faxes, etc.. documentary duplication is done because you want to keep an office also support documentary, thus, there is a purchase invoice in the accounting department and another shop and possibly another in cash and perhaps if it was a purchase for human resources, quite possibly also be in human resources and technology to if, for example, the case of a purchase of computer equipment. documentary Duplication is so assiduous in any entity, however should minimize this aspect because they do not only resources but easing are saving office files and the same central file. The committee is responsible for removing duplicate documents and no other person or section may usurp this faculty. It should create a formal committee file.
More control over the authorization and giving of the controlled and uncontrolled copies (which applies only to certain numbers, very small, of documents).
Organization by the offices. It handles a Document Management intern rotating in several of them, although with high prevalence in Human Resources and Accounting. Organization numerical and nominal subject.
RANKING: The primary differentiation of the documentation is made from general to specific, and according to the extent to which it relates, as follows: From documentary background section. In Section to Subsection (ie to Portfolio Accounting, Cost). Section and / or Sub-section Series. From Series to U-Series and / or Document Type. Sub-series documentary type.
In consultation with the producers of information defines the type suitable for ordering documentation produced as logical order and efficiency in information retrieval. They are generally used
ordering system-or nominally Onomastic, numerical and chronological order, so that the first visible when opening document storage unit is the first order nominal or numerical order and the oldest in chronological order so that information can be viewed as a historical whole.
Efforts should be made to hire two interns and / or , alternatively, and preferably, hire someone full-time who is to be responsible for document management company. We need to raise awareness among managers about this pressing need for the organization and document management all flow smoothly and quality levels that are accurate.
shape. The people in charge of the processes nourish their databases with relevant information from the documents and takes an inventory.
inventory is used which is fed to the documentation of the accounting section. But there is not as such. In this regard, would be favorable to start making documentary description to documents General International Standard Archival Description ISAD (G) provides guidelines for describing documents (eg: From the general to the specific, non-repetition of information, associated documentation, notes, etc..)
Internal users provided the ratio of the information required to be consulted. There are no records of loan.
-If there is no way to remove a document for consultation, to warn then the site to be archived (eg. If no foliation) placed a reference enabling retrieve your location.
Internal users provide information regarding that needs to be consulted. There are no records of loan.
11.2. The yield on loan documentation in the format relates Loan Documentary.
must design, approve and implement these formats (can accompany quality in this process).
There is no instrument except a Record Description part of the documentation produced by the Accounting Office, the loan documentation formats and partial TRD.
There is no description instrument except for a partial inventory of the documentation produced by the office Accounting. The development of the TRD are not a priority. Only for contabildidad exite. Prima, on other activities, the culmination of the TRD, thus, have an optimal control instrument.
It is starting to digitize background information.
purchase was made a scanner and thrives in the corporate database. In principle being done on accounting (invoices and other documents missionary and devices). Then proceed also with other documents from other agencies. Because the person intern should be aware of the documentation, document scanning is not done all the time, so that it could hardly have scanned all hardcopy documentation, or generated daily. medium range scanner. Approximately 20 documents per minute. Advised high-end scanner, with about 60 documents per minute. Only scans in PDF, but does not apply OCR recognition, which could be a good utility to implement, for searching and retrieving documents by their context.
No signatures or digital certificates. It handles corporate email and printed, eventually, this type of message data as support.
data messages are handled with dominio@emcoltex.com. These messages all the credit internally and printed when the case to attach to certain processes or internal communications. ejecucción systems and cooperates in the implementation of the messages data. It handles corporate domain and Outlook email program. may request the issuance of electronic signature to sign data messages. The law 527 of 1999 regulates and governs the access and use of data messages.
already defined some documents to complete conservation (case of invoices, records and documents devices) and other selection and others to elimination.
They had access to the TRD in the process (not digital, but physical and on the site).
While not defined formal elimination criteria, removes duplicate information, illegible or irrelevant at the discretion of each office in Archives Management. Expungement or removal of documents stored in the Central Archives is only optional File Committee.
The company has 13 years of being constituted and still not considered the idea of ​​an archive file.
Not even the event contemplated creating an archive not appropriate measures for the conservation of this type of document. 39, 1981 The law makes some regulations concerning microfilming. It is necessary, when the complete documentation retention time in the central file and must, by binding of the circumstances, create the archive, conform to these guidelines, in case you decide to do microfilming of certain documents.


raised diagnosis is considered Documentary Program Fees EMCOLTEX Company SA is in a 50% penetration

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Example diagnostic document management
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