F.lux works well on Android, the application to protect your eyes from blue light


The ​​Mobile World Congress this year has made it clear that all manufacturers are very concerned filter blue light mobile. However, estudios after studies talk about the harmful effects of overexposure to light after such use continued mobile and tablets.

How sure can not convince stop using the phone before sleep , some applications already include a night mode or different filters that alter the use light that does not affect your sleep, as in the case of la nightlight Google Books. Other popular applications such as Twilight address the problem, a medidante red hue that adds filter to the screen after sunset.

Now, however, Android has a choice, which comes from the veteran f.lux application. Its authors opt for a different approach: instead of adding a red filter over modifies each pixel mathematically eliminating the blue hue . It is available for Windows , Mac , Linux , iOS jailbreak and now for Android.

What you need to use F.lux on Android

Although initially the developers gave up on Android, ensuring that it would not be possible to apply this technology in the operating system itself seems to have finally had a way, although it has some requirements.

The first and most important F.lux to run on Android need to access root on the phone. As for the version of Android, the minimum requirement is Android 4.4 KitKat, and is also compatible with Lollipop and Marshmallow.

f lux

F.lux for Android is now a experimental version , so it is not in Google Play. The only way to win the APK is to register on the forums F.lux ( here ) and join the sub-forum beta Android.

In the thread Very early (try this) you will find link download the latest version , as well as the change log. The latest version today is the v19, which fixes some bugs with the Netflix app.

As is obvious, you need to have activated the installation from unknown sources in the Settings Android> Security. Then open the APK from shock or an application like ES File Explorer to start the installation.

A simple configuration

Just open f.lux should allow access root . Then directly you will see the options window that is, on the other hand, the only window available in f.lux for Android. The first step to start using f.lux normally be set to your liking.

One of the advantages of f.lux is that you just worry about configuring anything. For example, you can determine your location and use that data to automatically set the screen according to the time of sunrise and sunset in your area. However, there is always room for customization.

Options Flux

paragraph Daytime lighting choose what type of lighting you want to use during the day. You have four options available: halogen, fluorescent, midday sun and normal. The option you choose affects the tone that is applied to the screen, being as orange as possible to choose halogen, and unchanged if you choose standard.

Sunset is a similar section , but it applies just as expected during sunset. This time you have algnas additional options, the list includes candlelight, warm light incandescent, incandescent light, halogen and fluorescent.

Bedtime is the bedtime hour. F.luz does not give you the option to choose what time you go to sleep, so it is unclear what time will use this setting. In any case, the options to choose will include soft light coals ember, candle light, incandescent light, incandescent and halogen lighting.

What you can choose F.lux is what time you wake up , in a drop ranging from 4 at noon. Here the idea is that starting this time the goal is not to follow sleeping peacefully, but otherwise

For the more adventurous. Dark room mode

 Dark Room

If the orange tones do not seem sufficient to protect eyesight, you will find the dark room mode in the section effects. The options recommend this option if you will read at night.

This filter is not suitable for all eyes, it turns your mobile device into a devilish red text on white background. That in theory, because in prácica according to my tests is almost more black on a red background backwards.

Run, it works, but does it help?

Although a beta version , one could say that more or less working properly, without any closure or blockage. Now if you ask me if really my eyes feel more relaxed or if I managed to have a deep sleep like never before in my life, the answer is not so clear, because have not noticed any change.

the truth is that the system feels like you just had a shade of orange above the screen, so regardless of the technology or less advanced than that of Twilight naked eye-and never better said not appreciated too much advantage , while Twilight is an application with a more colorful interface and more options

In Engadget Android. | Con the nightlight Google Play Books will be happy to read at night

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F.lux works well on Android, the application to protect your eyes from blue light
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February 28, 2016

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