Facebook and Instagram will show political ads, but will allow users to reduce their number

The social network Facebook announced that it stays firm in its decision to continue allowing political ads -unlike some of their competitors-but it will make it easier for the users to reduce the number of messages of this type that reach them.The director of Product Management of the company, Rob Leathern, was in charge of revealing the new policy in an entry on his web site, where he said that the new tools “will allow people to see less ads political and social affairs in Facebook and Instagram” if you so wish.The movement of the social network most used in the world falls far short of the requests have come from multiple fronts during the past several months, that follow the same path that Twitter and prohibited by full ads political campaigns, or do like Google and reduce their capacity to only apply to specific audiences.”Us we have chosen to expand the transparency and give people more control in regard to political ads,” said Leathern.According to the company’s Menlo Park (California, USA), the principle that underlies this decision is that “people should be able to listen to all of those who want them and what they say should be scrutinised and debated in public.”The firm led by Mark Zuckerberg is located under the magnifying glass of regulatory and public opinion from the role that he played in the US presidential elections of 2016, in which was used to spread false information and influence in the campaign by Russian hackers.In November of this year, again have presidential elections in USA, about elections that are expected to be as much or more contorted than those of four years ago, and in which social networks will be of even greater importance.In this sense, a few weeks ago, Facebook already saw in the eye of the hurricane to the unfolding that does not contrast the content of the political campaigns published in their platform, and that, therefore, authorizes them de facto to disseminate false information (unlike what you do with the rest of the users).
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Facebook and Instagram will show political ads, but will allow users to reduce their number
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January 10, 2020

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