Facebook can block your account if complaints online scammers

Facebook, one of the social networks most used in the world, invests time and money in the fight against fraud. So surprised acts as the many users are reporting lately: your account has been suspended after that decided to report a online scammers, reveals, Andro4all.Using the hashtag #FacebookLockout, those affected will complain that the account is locked. In these cases, Facebook asks the user to upload a form of identification to verify your identity, but users claim that it does not work and the account will remain blocked definitively.Andro4all cites the example of Cory Eating, a user who told of his experience: “An old colleague of mine added on Facebook as a friend. After accepting the request, I was contacted by Messenger and asked me for money. Then I thought, ‘okay, you’re not Dave’ and I informed them. Only a few hours later, they blocked my account,” he explained.Some of the affected people ensure that they carry more than a month with their accounts blocked, and that Facebook is not giving a response.For its part, the californian company says they are working to fix the problem.
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Facebook can block your account if complaints online scammers
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October 26, 2019

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